SummerSlam 2008 Predictions and Reasons For Them

The K-R-A -Contributor IAugust 16, 2008

Shawn Michael’s Announcement – does anybody really honestly care? I was a fan of HBK for a long time and I’m happy to watch some of the classics he’s been in. But his gimmick is a little bit tired now and if he is not completely retiring, he needs a long, at least 8 month long break. This way he can come back with a great return and build up to maybe grab a title, perhaps when WWE finally realise Cena is boring. Anyway, HBK will probably announce that his eye has miraculously healed and he’ll be back in on Monday Night.

Winner take all tag team match (Beth Phoenix and Santino vs Mickie James and Kofi Kingston) – Beth Phoenix and Santino, simply because Mickie James has held onto that title too long and Beth has just been dominating pure and simple.

MVP vs Jeff Hardy – Jeff will win this one. He’s been loosing as of late and has been humiliated and one-upped by MVP in weeks gone by. Due to the fact that in pro-wrestling when a star has been loosing for a while he wins, Jeff will do so.

John Cena vs Batista – Cena, because (read my other article) his boring gimmick says he beats everyone.

ECW champion Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy – I think Henry will win this one because he hasn’t had the title for too long, especially considering that he had his last WWE title (European) a staggering 10 years ago.

    World Heavyweight champion CM Punk vs JBL – I would say CM Punk because he hasn’t had a huge title reign, but I’m going to go with JBL on this one, because he hasn’t had a main event singles title shot for a huge amount of time, and being the decorated champ he is, he should be given the gold again.

    WWE champion HHH vs The Great Khali – HHH will win this one. Khali definitely deserves a title shot more than any of the other heels on Smackdown (bar the unavailable Edge). But HHH will beat him so that at the next PPV he maybe facing The Undertaker in what would be a great match and the only wise decision WWE has made for a while. Khali is the mountain too hard to climb, the unbeatable for HHH, but HHH will beat him so he can say the next week on Smackdown that he is unbeatable, only for Undertaker’s music to sound.

    Edge vs Undertaker Hell In A Cell – Undertaker no contest. This is the surest result of the whole PPV. Why? Undertaker is unbeatable at this match and he’s making a return against the guy that put him out of action. Hyped returnees always win matches. Remember Kane vs Undertaker a couple of years back at Wrestlemania and Cena’s return to this years Royal Rumble?