WWE Hell In a Cell Results: What's Next for the Undertaker After Losing to Kane

Bryan VelosoContributor IOctober 4, 2010

Oh, how the rollercoaster runs.

Four months ago, the Undertaker was taken from us by his vengeful half-brother Kane. We all know what happened next. The ultimate jobber was brought to the top of the mountain through a series of epic promos and a briefcase.

A month and a half ago, the Undertaker returned from his vegetative state at less than 100 percent, quickly getting Tombstoned by his now more powerful brother.

While the Deadman spoke large about the house that he built for the devil, at Night of Champions, he wasn't able to overcome the wrath of the Big Red Machine.

A week later, we were taken back to Undertaker's roots when Paul Bearer reappeared, seemingly much to the dismay of Kane. Memories of the once-epic relationship between the Deadman and the Father of Destruction began to surface, but history repeated itself a little too quickly.

Last night, within the confines of the structure that the Undertaker himself made famous, Bearer rejoined Kane much in the image of when he introduced Kane to us 13 years ago. 

The promo preceding the Hell in a Cell match between the former Brothers of Destruction resulted in the words, "[Kane] will never be the Father of Destruction's favorite son," and that Paul also had a master plan. One can only speculate what that master plan might be, but it is worth saying that Bearer isn't going anywhere.

So what's next for the Undertaker? As if you couldn't stack the cards further against a single man, they have done so against the Deadman. Honestly, without the mythical urn and Bearer, we are left to wonder what creative has for us next.

Are we going to witness a double mutiny? Is Bearer playing both sides?

There's no question that the Undertaker is hurting and last night contributed another piece of proof when Kane relentlessly tore at Undertaker's left leg. Shades of Wrestlemania XXVI appeared as Undertaker limped around the ring.

If this is a feud that they plan to take the distance, maybe it would be wise for the Undertaker to take another break, as throwing him in a match with Kane in three weeks at Bragging Rights would seem a bit "too soon;" the only reason the last two weeks didn't seem that way was because of Bearer's reemergence. 

I long to see the Undertaker win a victory in all of this, but at the same time, Kane is enjoying the success that has alluded him for a decade and creative is letting him enjoy it.

We might be seeing the final curtain start to close on one of the staples of the WWE, but with all the momentum this arc now has, I can't help but be excited about what's coming next, despite the losses the Phenom keeps being handed.