WWE Hell in a Cell Results and Analysis: What Does the Future Hold?

Aaron CContributor IOctober 4, 2010

Yes, I was lucky enough to witness Hell in a Cell in person last night.  This was actually my third WWE pay-per-view event to attend, the other two being Survivor Series 2003 in Dallas (where, ironically, Kane buried Undertaker alive) and WrestleMania 25 in Houston (where Taker and HBK put on a match for the ages).  Last night, we witnessed yet another huge twist in the Dead Man’s ongoing rivalry with his brother, and the future of the WWE’s most controversial star, John Cena, was possibly changed forever.

Dark Match – Goldust, R-Truth, and Kofi Kingston defeated “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie G.) when Goldust pinned Cody Rhodes.

I heard a few fans talking about how father just beat his son… shows how much they know, huh?  Crowd was actually pretty hot for this match, especially for Kofi and Goldust.  Solid back and forth action and some nice high-flying spots from Kingston.

Miz vs. John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan – Submissions Count Anywhere

What it was:

The crowd was really hot for this one because half the match was fought IN the crowd.  I was skeptical about this one when it was announced, but it ended up having a little bit of everything.  Nice submissions in the ring and outside, brawling in the crowd, and Morrison climbing the stage and hitting the flying crossbody from the scaffold was awesome stuff.  Bryan didn’t get much of a reaction when he won the match, but there were lots of “Miz is awesome” chants throughout the match.

What it means:

How does this loss affect Miz’s push?  He tapped out to Bryan at 2 consecutive PPV’s, but you can tell he’s on a level above Bryan and Morrison as far as pure charisma and character development are concerned.  He received a huge (mostly negative) reaction during his entrance, whereas Morrison and Bryan got lukewarm reactions at best.  I think Miz is done with the US title scene, and he’s simply waiting on his moment to cash in the MITB briefcase.  They’re really going to continue pushing Bryan as a credible champion, but Morrison needs to step up (or turn heel) if he wants to be taken seriously.  He can’t continue being the flashy midcarder who does the high-flying spots but never wins much gold, or else he’ll stay lost in the shuffle along with guys like Evan Bourne and R-Truth.

Randy Orton (WWE Champion) vs. Sheamus – Hell in a Cell

What it was:

For anyone who doesn’t realize this by now, Sheamus is the real deal.  Lots of “smart” fans claim his push is only because of his behind-the-scenes friendship with Triple H.  I believe there’s a reason HHH likes the guy, and it’s because Sheamus is the total package.  Great brawl with some nice spots involving ringside steps and a steel chair.  These guys took each other to the limit last night, and the crowd was red-hot for Orton.  Sheamus took a lot of punishment from Orton, including a powerslam on the steps,  an RKO on the ringside floor and another RKO on the steel steps to win the match.  Randy’s celebration at the end was one of the longest I’ve ever seen, but the fans couldn’t get enough of The Viper.

What it means:

With this loss, I see Sheamus having a bit of trouble in the future.  Triple H should be returning soon, and I can see Sheamus racking up a few more PPV losses.  Orton will likely be the primary target for Nexus, and I don’t believe Wade Barrett’s momentum is going to slow down anytime soon.  I think Orton and Barrett are headed for a showdown.

Surprise appearance by Alberto Del Rio, Edge, and Jack Swagger –

What it was:

Del Rio generates a ton of heat from the crowd.  They really can’t stand this guy’s arrogance.  I like the entrance, though.  He insults Dallas and throws some jabs about how he’s better looking than Tony Romo, etc.  This brings out Edge to a HUGE pop.  Wow, things change fast in the world of WWE.  Edge talks about how he’s on a mission to fix “stupid” and begins insulting Del Rio.  Then Jack Swagger comes out with the line of the night – “I think it’s stupid that a Mexican and a Canadian are arguing in the ring while the All American American American doesn’t even have a match on the PPV”.  He’s come a long way with his promos.  All this leads to the flashing lights and the “DING DING”, and here comes Michael Cole and his GM laptop (he mentioned it was new and upgraded).  Cole gets a lot of heat for this.  The GM announces an impromptu match between Swagger and Edge, which Edge won after about 5 minutes (much to the crowd’s delight).  This was just filler, but pretty entertaining stuff.  The crowd was a bit dead for the match.

What it means:

I believe Edge will continue receiving a face push on Smackdown and possibly continue a short rivalry with Swagger.  Edge will emerge victorious and begin to focus on Del Rio, while Swagger will likely get stuck in limbo again.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett – Cena joins Nexus if he loses, Nexus disbands if Cena wins

What is was:

Nobody thought it would happen.  The Cenation didn’t want to believe their man would lose.  Everyone thought Nexus was done.  Well, everyone was wrong.  Barrett, with the help of a quick run-in by NXT season 2 rookies Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, emerged victorious, and now Cena is forced to join Nexus.  This was a great showing by Barrett.  Lots of big suplexes, power moves, and even some technical mat wrestling by Barrett.  Tons of near falls in this one.  The other 4 Nexus members appeared toward the beginning, but were taken out by practically the entire locker room mid-match!!  It was great to see Nexus get a taste of their own medicine, if only temporarily.  In the end, Cena simply couldn’t overcome the odds.  I was surprised by the split crowd.  Lots of fans were pro-Barrett/Nexus and there were dueling “Let’s go Cena, Let’s go Barrett” chants throughout the match.  Also, prior to the event, I noticed lots of fans with Nexus merchandise, signs, etc.  Interesting…

What it means:

Barrett is on his way to becoming the next WWE champion, but not for long.  Nexus will target Orton as their next victim, and Barrett will challenge for the WWE title.  Cena will “accidentally” cost Orton the belt, and then Cena and the entire Nexus stable will reveal their plot to take the title.  Cena won’t be happy with Barrett being champ (or leader), and eventually Nexus turns on Barrett and Cena will become champion once again… but this time, he will be a HEEL champion.

Michelle McCool (w/ Layla) vs. Natalya – Women’s Championship

What it was:

This was a solid women’s match, but nothing spectacular.  I ran down to the merchandise stand during this one.  When I returned, Natalya had McCool locked in the Sharpshooter and then Layla assaulted the ref, earning McCool a disqualification.  Natalya grabbed the belt and taunted Lay-Cool.  Then she kissed the belt and took it backstage with her.

What it means:

Natalya will become Women’s champ soon?  Who knows?  Do you really care?

Undertaker vs. Kane – Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship

What it was:

This was a classic big man brawl, and the crowd was obviously very pro-Taker.  The match started outside the ring and I was really hoping they would climb to the top, but it didn’t happen.  I can’t believe these 2 guys never wrestled each other inside HIAC during the Attitude Era.  Lots of good back-and-forth action with the crowd chanting “BOO…YAY” every time they traded punches.  The ending was just insane… Paul Bearer was in the ring, Taker hits a big chokeslam on Kane, then the lights go out, the gong starts ringing, and Bearer opens the urn and blinds Taker with the bright light shining from inside.  Then Bearer hands the urn to Kane who clocks his brother in the head.  1..2..3.. it’s over!!  I really can’t believe Kane beat him again, and Bearer is on Kane’s side?  Wow.  The crowd was stunned… AGAIN!!

What it means:

I totally didn’t see this one coming, so BEATS ME!!  I’m excited to find out, although I really am growing tired of Taker vs. Kane.  I have a feeling this feud will culminate next month at Survivor Series, where they’ll settle this in either a Casket Match or a Buried Alive Match, where Undertaker will get the final victory.


All in all, this was a really good PPV and I’m thankful that I was able to attend.  Some major surprises and twists happened last night, and I believe WWE is about to go through some major changes.  This was only the beginning.

WWE Universe – What are your thoughts on the events that took place at Hell in a Cell?