WWE Hell in a Cell: John Cena Joining Nexus Will NOT Affect Merchandise Sales

Marc MattalianoCorrespondent IIIOctober 4, 2010


"With sales of the always popular Cenation t-shirts sure to take a hit, with Cena now expected to don the black and gold Nexus t-shirts, the WWE showed that sparking their historically low ratings has taken precedent over merchandise sales."

Took that from an article by Big Nasty posted today.  Here's the whole thing:

There are thousands upon thousands of comments posted on this website everyday, this article starting as one, but hopefully this won't go unnoticed as a full article.  I'd like to counter the claim above with an absolute fact.  My fiancee and I went to a Panera for lunch over the weekend, and do you know what I saw out the window in the parking lot?  A little, little kid...couldn't have been more than 6 or 7...wearing a Nexus shirt...IN PUBLIC!

I am really getting tired of the claims that WWE's motivation to keep Cena in the top spot in the company is all about merchandise sales.  Want another fact?  Children are fickle.  Their minds go with what they FEEL.  They don't think or process that often.  Meaning?  The legions and legions of little kids that have cheered for Cena this long will what?  SPLIT!  With Cena in Nexus, depending on how he acts and performs in coming weeks, the kid fans will split down the middle...half will abandon Cena, and join the fans that root against Nexus...the other half will, dare I say, continue to follow Cena and become fans of Nexus.


Simple explanation?  They say, "don't hate the player, hate the game," because you never know where your favorite player will land after drafts and deals go down.  Just ask LeBron James.  I guarantee you, there's a throng of Cleveland fans who will continue to go to Heat vs. Cavaliers games in Cleveland so they can keep watching LeBron play.  Some fans follow their favorite players, some follow their favorite teams.  Fact is, there are enough fans for everyone and everything.  I've lived in New Jersey my whole life, and you know who my favorite hockey team is?  The Tampa Bay Lightning.  I've liked Triple H from the moment he first stepped on WWE soil.  Whether he was the dignified gentleman with a new lady on his arm at every match, whether he was riding the high life in Evolution, whether he was crotch chopping in DX, or lording over the locker room with his goddess of a wife in the McMahon-Helmsley era, I was behind him 100% the whole way.

Incidentally, I was likely one of the few who questioned the reasoning behind Cena's merch's color scheme change starting at Summerslam.  If you dig around on WWEshop.com and look at some of Cena's new merch, like this one for instance...


...you'll find the once purple and yellow designs often trading purple for black, thus making his new colors black and yellow, like Nexus.  To me, this means that it really won't be much of a jump for kids to either keep wearing the new purple and yellow shirts, which they've done in droves, or buy newer gear that looks relatively the same as the previous incarnation.


Here's the bottom line...Cena merch?  Likely won't drop by that much.  And if it does?  Nexus merch will cover the spread, as there is now a TON...take a peek...


For the record, I never really hated Cena...and even though his character had gotten boring over the past few years, my biggest and most prominent qualm with him was how he'd become a walking billboard.  He has tons of merch, and that's cool, DX has tons of merch, so do lots of other guys.  But with Cena, it's become over the top.  It's one thing to just wear your new shirt into the ring, it's another to have on every single item and accessory dedicated to you at every appearance on TV.

While this may portend that the winds of change are indeed blowing, as Wade Barrett claimed, how exactly this all will play out is anybody's guess.  WWE has seen the error of WCW's ways in keeping a heel stable around and in the spotlight for far too long.  So while it would be great to see Nexus last years and years, and change the way we watch WWE programming, that may not occur.  While many think Cena simply turning heel will be the linchpin that will skyrocket WWE back into dominating wrestling TV instead of just winning slightly better ratings every week, even though it hasn't technically happened yet, that may not occur either.

We should all sit back and enjoy...because clearly with all this controversy, they're keeping us interested enough to watch.

Oh, and one last thing?  Can everyone please knock off the Photoshopping of Nexus logos on Cena pictures?  We're all extremely impatient to see Cena's smile framed by black and offset by big yellow Ns, but we'll get those pics soon enough.  This isn't art class, it's a site for people to read articles about sports...and...sports-like events, ;-)