Chelsea Maintain Title Winning Form With 2-1 Victory of Premier Arsenal

John SmithCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 18:  Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal celebrates scoring the opening goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Sunderland and Arsenal at the Stadium of Light on September 18, 2010 in Sunderland, England.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Didier Drogba... Didier, friggin', Drogba.

Not to pinch anything from the Skysports, Ford-Super-Sunday, Let´s-Go-US-Coverage, Jamie-Redknapp-is-a-cunt coverage. But it REALLY was inevitable.

Cole bursts down the wing, Player "X" feeds him the ball, the monsterous cunt drills the ball across the goal and Drogba flicks it in with what originally looks like a bundled finish but it is actually a phenomenal piece of Ivorian skill.

I can´t say I´m very surprised with our result. I think it was there for all of us to see. We had 5 players missing who I think would play every week on our first team.

Cesc, RVP, Vermaelen, Almunia, and Walcott. Then you throw in Ramsey, Bendtner, Gibbs, and some other dude to the mix, and you´ve got the bones of a pretty decent team.

Well I was a little surprised with the result, I thought it would be 3 - 0.

 What amazes me, is our ability to keep control of the ball and find space around the box, what no longer amazes me is our inability to do anything REALLY meaningful with it, and our reluctantcy to SHOOT THE FUCKING BALL.

Mates of mine in the pub said "Well we were the better team." Maybe so, but I´m not entirely sure I´d agree with that. Chelsea had an obvious game plan which worked to a T. Soak up pressure then fling the ball up to Drogba, Anelka and Malouda and hope they do something special with it. More often than not they did. They surpassed their midfield, almost entirely and played essentially with their 3 forwards, sometimes Ramires or Essien, and Ashley Cole marauding up the left.

It wasn´t the prettiest stuff, but weren´t we all shitting our pants every time the ball was played high into the air by Cech or Terry.

When Chamakh missed that header at I tihnk 81 minutes, I knew that was it. We had a great spell, we didn´t make it count, it was expected that Chelsea would wrap up the tie, and after a Nasri suicide pass and Koscielney foul (which I had no problem with really). Alex fired home a sensation free kick that only the wall and not the keeper could have stopped.

I´d like to take a moment to chastise Song... Mr. Alex Song. If I was being paid 40,000 pound a week to play professional football, I would be willing to stand in front of a ball like that and get the wind knocked out of me. Jump and turn your back. I don´t care, but don´t play "chicken" with the ball AND LOSE. That´s all Mr. Alex Song. Wise up. and Colour your hair red. That would be awesome.

Some things to take away from that game.

1.) Jack Wilshire is the real deal and can play in big games like this without being overwhelmed.

2.) Song really needs to stick to defending, the amount of times yesterday our back 4 was completely exposed because Song was chasing down fucking Ivanovic or Mikel. Just sit back there and soak up the pressure.

3.) Arshavin can still be dangerous.

4.) Abou Diaby did his best to impersonate Van Persie. and failed. Thank god.

5.) Fabianski isn´t the worst keeper in the world, and made a string of good saves.

6.) Rosicky is better than Abou Diaby for now.

7.) JET is better than Carlos Vela???

8.) Drogba is better than everyone.

I just don´t understand why Arsenal insist on taking the game to EVERY SINGLE TEAM THEY PLAY. Chelsea were at home, and we were storming forward with every player and their granny, with cavalier disregard for one of the fundamentals of the game. DEFENDING.

Now I don´t mean fundamental like, step in front of the ball when you take a long shot so you don´t baloon it into row Z. I mean fundamental like, if you don´t do it. You ALWAYS LOSE.

I was shocked at how many times Chelseas midfield players won knocked down balls because they had beaten our midfielders goal side. We played Diaby presumably for his ability to defend, or at least be tall and help in the air against Chelsea´s titans. And what did we do with him? We played him as a number 10. Diaby is not a number 10. He is skilled yes. But he´s more of a freak athlete who can surge forward at get onto the end of things or make a good strong run through midfield. But he´s not going to disect defenses.

But what do I know. Anyway I gotta get back to work, there is definitely some food for thought in there, but I´m not sure I constructed my argument as well as I could have.



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