WWE SMACKDOWN Review: Starring RAW Superstars?

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

(Intercontinental Champion) Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP Match: the match was ruled a no contest when NEXUS attacked both Ziggler and MVP.

It appears that the focus of the first ever show on SYFY will be on NEXUS.

NEXUS in true stable fashion did not discriminate on delivering their beat downs. Baby face or Heel it doesn’t matter to them.

They destroyed MVP and finished him with a 450 splash courtesy of Justin Gabriel. Big Show and later John Cena ran down to the ring to take it to NEXUS. This interference earned them undesirable matches later tonight.

Match Rating: 6/10

Wade Barrett Segment:

Wade Barrett said that he is close friends with the president of the network and allowed him to suggest matches. It resulted in a 5-on-1 handicap match pitting Big Show against NEXUS and John Cena versus Kane in a lumber jack match.

Segment Rating: 5/10

Lay-Cool, Maryse, and Alicia Fox vs. Natalya, Kelly Kelly, and the Bella Twins Match:

Natalya wins the match for her team with a sharp shooter on Maryse.

I am not a fan of how Maryse has been used lately. She was a dominant diva and now she is a part-time valet.

Natalya’s recent push is much deserved. It baffles me that the likes of Eve and Alicia Fox held championships before her.

Lay-Cool should come out on top of their feud with Natalya Neidhart.

The Bella Twins are useless as wrestlers.

Match Rating: 6/10

Jack Swagger Segment:

Swagger was in the ring with an eagle mascot for his “Homecoming”. He said that he was upset that he did not receive a parade or the key to the city. The unspeakable happened when Swagger talked about Texas beating Oklahoma. He then proclaimed himself the king of Oklahoma.

Edge showed up and spoiled the crowning. Edge said that his involvement with the computer on RAW made him go on a mission to ruin everything that is stupid. He insulted Swagger and speared the mascot eagle.

When Swagger turned on Oklahoma and said that he was rooting for Texas I was surprised that he would take his heel character that far. Congratulations Mr. All-American American, you are now a true to form pro wrestler.

Edge’s comments about his interaction with the computer on RAW was laugh out loud funny. Now that he is on a mission, does that mean Mabel and Mo are coming back?

The NEXUS vs. Big Show Handicap Match:

The NEXUS defeated Big Show when he was put to sleep with a joint effort by all the members.

I have previously stated that I am not a supporter of these handicap matches. They don’t make either party look strong.

The highlight of the match was the finish when they locked Show up in arm bars, ankle locks, and the leg scissors.

Justin Gabriel landed a 450 splash and was told to give Show another by Barrett. Gabriel caught some of his foot that botched the second 450 splash. Oh well… can’t be perfect every time.

Match Rating: 7/10

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk Match:

The Undertaker defeated Punk with a tombstone pile driver.

It looks like the minute Punk lost his mask and the S.E.S. he lost his push. He was defeated clean and doesn’t have a match at Hell in the Cell pay-per-view.

The Undertaker apparently got his powers back. Look out Kane, your title run may be coming to an end soon.

Match Rating: 7/10

Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio Segment:

Del Rio told the Universe that he was a Mexican icon and the greatest luchador of all time.

Del Rio’s personal ring announcer brought out a Chihuahua sporting a Mysterio mask. He proceeded to apologize to the dog and kissed it.

I loved the bit with the Chihuahua. Del Rio is already comfortable as a top heel.

“The Rated G Superstar” Rey Mysterio came to the ring and attacked Del Rio. Del Rio’s announcer interfered and helped Del Rio get away. He got a 619 for sticking his nose in Rey Rey’s business.

Segment Rating: 8/10 

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes Match:

Orton defeated Rhodes with a RKO.

After Orton pinned Rhodes, McIntyre attempted to attack him. The Viper reacted with a RKO on the Chosen One. He couldn’t however ward off a vicious kick by Sheamus.

Orton is on fire and could have a strong run as the champion. He will likely be in the main event at Wrestlemania.

This match didn’t do any favors for Rhodes and McIntyre as team. Rhodes lost fairly quickly and didn’t look too dashing.

Match Rating: 8/10

(World Heavyweight Champion) Kane vs. John Cena Match:

Kane and Cena fought off the Nexus to a no contest.

The Nexus served as lumber jacks and it wasn’t surprising how the match ended. I was taken back to see Kane’s attack the Nexus members.

John Cena escaped the Nexus before he caught another beating.

The lights went out and The Undertaker appeared behind Kane in the ring. The Dead Man brought the pain to Kane. Their fight took them into the crowd.

The Brothers of Destruction ended back in the ring where Kane tried to choke slam Taker. The power of the urn gave him strength and he broke out of Kane’s grip. Taker delivered a choke slam on the Devil’s Favorite Demon. Kane escaped the ring before Taker could finish him off. Taker kneeled in his classic pose reaching out to the urn to finish the show.

Match Rating: 7/10

Final Thoughts:

The Nexus were fed the Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler, MVP, and Big Show. They were a vital part of the main event of the first show on SYFY. If they were to lose at Hell and the Cell and disband, than their handling of the aforementioned superstars served no purpose.

Does than mean that John Cena will be forced to join NEXUS? Will he win and instead of forcing them to disband take the role of the leader finally making a heel turn?

After three weeks of excellent programming, the writers put out an average show.

Final Rating: 6/10


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