WWE Hell in a Cell Results: Kane in Driver's Seat After Victory Over Undertaker

Josh BrewerCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

We've seen it before, but this time, it happened inside Hell in a Cell.

Kane took down his brother, The Undertaker, thanks to the assistance of Paul Bearer.

After years, however, we may have finally received a glimpse into what exactly it is that is held inside the urn, what exactly it is that holds control over The Phenom.

Bearer exposed a beacon emanating from the urn, and that distraction was enough for Bearer to hand the urn over to Kane, who swiftly used it to strike down his brother and retain the World Heavyweight Title.

For the second time in his career, Kane has taken the upper hand over The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. This time, however, The Undertaker faces a much tougher battle.

Kane has Bearer, the man who walked side-by-side with The Undertaker for years, on his side. The urn that has an unparalleled influence on The Deadman resides in the "wrong hands."

Coming into Sunday night's main event, it appeared The Undertaker was regaining his well-known power.

The weaknesses had been fading over the last couple weeks, culminating with his apparent return to full strength on Friday Night Smackdown.

But Kane came prepared. Again. 

The so-called Father of Deception was in the champion's back pocket. Kane and his father were on the same page, and The Undertaker never saw it coming.

Kane is in the proverbial driver's seat at this point. We've seen his chicanery be halted by his older brother before, but this time around, the tune has changed.

In the weeks immediately after Kane was revealed as The Undertaker's attacker, Kane said the events of 2010 were the culmination of his master plan.

Time will only tell what the final act in his plan may be, but everything seems to be falling the way of the Big Red Machine.

The Undertaker has been stopped at every turn since his return in August. For every move The Deadman makes, his younger brother has a counter move. 

If The Undertaker wants to come out on top once again, the proverbial stops must be pulled out. Kane truly is in control, and he is well on his way to putting the legendary career of The Undertaker to rest for good.

We've only seen the beginning of what may very well be the final clash between Kane and The Undertaker. For the first time, however, Kane is undoubtedly on the same level as his Hall of Fame brother.