All NFL Team: NBA Style

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IAugust 16, 2008

Every NFL player thinks they can play basketball and every NBA player thinks they can make it in the NFL.

Looking at that makes me curious to which NBA players could be legit NFL stars, with football training and lifting of course. Not going to expect Tayshawn Prince show up to the field tomorrow and get broken in half.

Here  is my all-NFL team, NBA style:

QB: Allen Iverson - In high school AI was one of the top recruits as a QB. Just watching YouTube videos of him really made me think he could have been a better Michael Vick.

AI was running all over the field as he also showed off his arm strength. In the NBA he is one of the toughest players, which is why I think he can make a great NFL player. He said he wanted to go pro, in this imaginary scenario this is his chance.

RB: Chris Paul and Robert Tractor Traylor - Paul could be the speedy back that could slip between tackles and made the defense look stupid. He is a "slippery" player and is quick enough to blow by Ray Lewis.

Of course Paul would need to get bulky, but with that speed he could be a better version of fast Willie Parker.

Every team needs a combo running core of a speed back and a power back to get short down conversions. I saw Tractor Traylor in the Summer League. Any one names Tractor can have the ball on 3rd and 1  any time. He would pile through any defensive line.

WR: LeBron James, Josh Smith, Richard Hamilton, and Dwight Howard - James was one of the top recruits in football as a tight end in high school. His first love is football, so this could work out.

I saw LeBron in high school play football and he made Terrel Owens look like Darko Milicic. He is a powerful and fast player where no single defense can cover. He is physically and talented enough to walk into any NFL camp and start now.

Smith is the other extremely athletic player that would make any defense look lost. He is 6'9" and has crazy bounce. Physically he could take on any defense.

Howard would be the fun player to have. At 7 feet with his athleticism he would make Bears QB Rex Grossman look like Peyton Manning. All you would have to  do is throw it any where near him and it will be a TD.

Every team needs a slasher like Patriots Wes Welker. Rip is that guy. He always is running in the NBA as he can slip through any one.  He would be perfect. Only problem is he would need full NFL training since his body is only fit for the NBA.

TE: Amare Stoudamire - he is athletically gifted enough to block and make big catches.

Offensive Line: Shaq - Any QB will feel comfortable with Shaq taking up the whole line.

Almost any NBA player can play defense since they are athletically enough to cover any postion. I would take Kevin Garnett as the leader like Ray Lewis since he talks and  makes any player scarred.

It would be fun to see NBA players go the NFL. It should be made clear though that NBA players who think they can play football should just stick to basketball. Same with NFL players. Except for TO. He can ball.

Instead of going overseas, some  NBA players should look at the NFL. Weigh in on this of who you think would make good NFL players.