WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 Results: What John Cena's Loss Means for His Legacy

Maria CaneCorrespondent IIIOctober 3, 2010

The infamous Finger Poke of Doom.
The infamous Finger Poke of Doom.

Picture this: a camera man cutting from screen to screen images young children and women gasping in shock and horror. Faces of ruins plastered everywhere. "Oh no!"s and "This cannot be happening" cliches narrating the scene.

No, this is not another butchered Rob Zombie "Halloween film, the return of Gordon Gekko back on Wall Street, or Jigsaw playing chain games in an eight film.

Instead,it's Wade Barrett vs. John Cena with a huge stipulation.  If John Cena wins, Nexus is over. If Cena loses, he joins Nexus.

Cena lost. And now, it's 1997 all over again.

There is an old wrestling fairytale that has been told time and time again.

Once upon a time, there was a wrestler called Rocky Mavia. Now, Rocky Mavia at first was a seemingly swell young rookie. He had a kick ass pineapple haircut, wore colorful ring attire, and pumped his fists in order to get the crowd going and because wrestling was in his blood. A first ever third generation superstar, he was the son of Rocky Johnson and grandson of Peter Mavia.

His debut was at Survivor Series 1996. Mavia had the moves of a high flyer, pulling all the stops from high dropkicks to crossbodies. He was going up on the top rope Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka style. "ROCKY,ROCKY," the crowd cheered from the sidelines as the young "blueblazer"(as Jim Ross probably called him) was dazzling everyone with his cute smile and his cruiserweight wrestling maneuvers. He would go on to win this match and seemingly, a star was born.

But not so fast.

Almost a year and an Intercontinental title reign later, the same guy with the exact same character was getting booed out of the ring. Even backstage, WWE(then F) creative team backstage was contemplating whether or not this kid really had it. In less than a year, the crowd went from "ROCKY! ROCKY!" to "ROCKY SUCKS! ROCKY SUCKS!". Signs like "DIE DIE DIE ROCKY!" flooded the stands. Poor Mavia, the guy was trying so hard to get people to like him, and now they wanted to damn near slit his throat. He then would get a knee injury, which would further put his career in jeopardy.

Then, out of all people, the great Vince Russo(or that's what he likes to think of himself) says and I paraphrase, "Just let him do what he wants, he's probably gonna be fired anyways."

And there folks, the rest was history.

Now, flash back to the year 2010, and in my opinion, it's obvious the WWE creative team may have been viewing Youtube videos of Raw 1997 episodes right before getting them deleted due to copyright.

During the final moments of the match, Barrett and Cena were countering each other finisher after finisher. Countering each other with Attitude Adjustment after Foward Fireman's Carry. And there wasn't even Nexus interference. WWE superstars such as MVP and Goldust attacked the David Otunga and the gang so that the fight would be fair and square.

All throughout the match, fans had been split in the middle. Everytime Wade Barret got in a punch or a grapple, male fans cheered "LET'S GO BARRET!" Even Matt Striker pointed out on commentary that it was grown males rooting for Barret, and young children and women rooting for Cena. And in the end, it would be two male wrestling "fans" who would interfere and assault the referee and John Cena in order for Wade Barret to carry out the win.

Sounds familiar?

Let's be real here. The fans haven't been exactly 100% behind Cena since early 2006. Feuds with mega heels Kurt Angle and Triple H even witnessed fans expressing their utter disgust with the champ. Kurt even went so far as to join forces with a terrorist-like character and insult America, and that still couldn't get the crowd to go for Cena's Brokeback Mountain jokes. Even one of the greatest heat earners of all time both in the ring and out Triple H had more fan sympathy. Triple H could've pedigreed babies, and John Cena still would've been thought of as the devil by adult male fans and online smarks. He went from a cool rapper to the symbol of WWE's downfall. We all know what the story has been with Cena. Vince has known it too. And maybe it's now in the midst of low ratings and buyrates that this story may actually be read.

Every Monday it went from "CENA! CENA!" to "CENA SUCKS! CENA SUCKS!" and signs advising Cena to go to you know where.

John Cena, the reigning face and breadwinner of the company, the Hulk Hogan of his generation, may actually do what so many have wanted for years, pull a heel turn and spite the very fanbase that he was founded on. Reminisce of the old Rocky Mavia folklore.

But I'm not saying this is 100% positive, and I'm not exactly jumping in glee either.

When Stone Cold Steve Austin turned heel back in 2001 at Wrestlemania X7, numerous considered it one of the most dumbfounded and worst heel turns due to its timing and handling. Even Austin himself years later on his DVD would admit that if he could do things in his career all over again, he wouldn't have went along with that script. Numerous considered it rushed, and then pointless when he joined the Alliance and defeating the purpose of a major storyline.

The point was clear that Austin wasn't ready yet, the fans wasn't ready yet, and to be honest, I'm not sure if the fans and Cena are ready yet either.

If John Cena turns heel and joins Nexus, it will defeat the whole purpose of Nexus and what Nexus was founded out. The purpose of Nexus was for a group of young superstars to define themselves and take over as the next big thing in the WWE. The point of Nexus was to also aid in the elevation of it's leader Wade Barrett and signify a new day in pro wrestling.

Having John Cena, a already solidified superstar, would steal the spotlight from the very talent new class of wrestlers. He could even destroy it from the inside, whether he's face or heel. And I'm a fan of Wade Barrett. He's a very charismatic wrestler who is one of the few big men in the business who is actually able to attract attention everytime he holds the mic. With Cena joining and possibly become the new leader, what would that mean for Barrett? Or even the rest of the Nexus superstars? The spotlight would be all on Cena.

Everyone who approves of this huge change to the obvious Hogan and NWO angle in WCW. But by 1999, the NWO's purpose was defeated and pretty much steered the dipping plane of  WCW. Fans were sick in particular of Hogan inviting everyone left and right, in and out of the WCW on the NWO fun. Will Cena be the same way? Will this be the same way? Will this be Austin WM X7 and Hogan NWO 1999 all over again.

I''ve said it once and I'll say it again, I don't trust these creative writers. The same guys who have killed off Vince McMahon twice without mention. The same people who made an idiotic annoying midget the focus of Raw. 

 I'd rather have Cena be on his own first first as a test run. See how the fans react and see how Cena carries himself. Because this isn't 2003, Cena is not gonna be a rapper. He's past that now, he's stated that himself. Let's see if this experiment works first before he goes down and takes an entity with him.

We'll have to wait and see. But for all the Cena naysayers throwing a party, be careful what you wish for.