Billick to Waste Another Year in Baltimore

Matt MarcheskyCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2007

IconThis is the only time I will ever say this: Shannon Sharpe said it best.

Sharpe told Billick: "I have a better chance of winning the Kentucky Derby on the back of a donkey than you do of winning the Super Bowl with Boller as your quarterback."

Apparently, Brian Billick wasn’t listening.

Speaking of the Derby—the last time Kyle Boller won anything was in May 2006, when he somehow managed to score supermodel Petra Nemcova’s phone number at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville.

After the Ravens fired offensive coordinator Jim Fassel after a week-six win at home against St. Louis, Brian Billick took over playcalling—and proceeded to lose seven straight games, including two home games at the hands of division opponents Cleveland and Cincinnati.

As a result, the Ravens are 4-9 and have no chance of making the playoffs this season.

Why, then, has Ravens team owner Steve Bisciotti decided to come out already to emphatically confirm that Billick will be back next season?

Does he think fans in Baltimore are excited about the look of this new offense? Does he really believe a few months off will give Billick the time he needs to completely reinvent the identity of this team?

Look for Billick and Boller to put their heads together in Baltimore, and make plenty more bad decisions in 2008.