Ohio State Buckeyes: Is a Shake Up Needed at Running Back?

Ronnie HampstonCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2010

The Ohio State Buckeyes have a need at the running back position. Games in the Big Ten are won in the trenches with great offensive line play and strong defensive line play. The Ohio State Buckeyes running game has been average at best. Boom Herron has ran the ball pretty well this season, but Brandon Saine has been a disappointment so far. Taking away his big game versus Marshall he has been pretty underwhelming.

Terrelle Pryor is the team's leading rusher and that is a great feat, but that creates more wear and tear on the young quarterback's body. Brandon Saine is the weak link of the backfield between him and Boom Herron. Saine possess great speed and amazing hands for a running back, but he lacks vision and patience when running the ball. The Buckeyes may have the biggest offensive line in the country and there is no excuse why we cannot run the ball effectively.

Jamal Berry is unproven, but he will add a spark to the offense. When given the opportunity this season he has answered the call. Jamal Berry is an undersized back but he will not remind Buckeye fans of Maurice Wells (OSU RB in 2006-2009). The combination of Pryor, Berry, and Herron running the ball will be very effective and it is a preview of what next season's backfield will look like.

Brandon Saine should not be an outcast of the offense. He is a valuable asset, but he should be used in a different manner. Saine should be used a gadget player to utilize his speed and his ability to make plays in the open field. Saine can also fill the void as a third receiver and a third-down back.

Offensive coordinator Jim Bollman and head coach Jim Tressel need to re-evaluate the running back situation and insert Berry in the lineup. As a fan I may be hitting the panic button a little too soon, but something needs to be done, before we play tough games against Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State, and the team up North.

The season is still young and there is time for improvement. Jim Tressel will challenge his offensive line and his running backs to elevate their play in the crucial part of the season. The Bucks will need to do something soon, because Pryor cannot take punishment game after game.