WWE Hell In A Cell: I Speak Softly and Carry a Big Sledgehammer

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIOctober 3, 2010

When we lost Shawn Michaels for good earlier this year, we lost his buddy Triple H for a few months as well.

However, I had no idea that in October, we would still be waiting on the return of The Game.

I think a lot of us feel that a return to the ring for Triple H is long overdue.

We know that he won't be wrestling for a lot longer, as injuries are catching up to the 41-year-old star, but that doesn't mean he won't have one more run heading into WrestleMania 27.

Also, he has been given an office inside of WWE Headquarters as the new executive senior adviser.

If you think about it, WWE has lost the likes of Steve Austin, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, to name a few, and they will lose The Undertaker and Triple H before we know it.

As the leaves turn for fall, the leaves are turning in the WWE as we speak.

I believe that Hell In A Cell is a great return for Triple H, just based on the fact that the cell really symbolizes a lot of the things he has accomplished in the WWE.

Let's not forget he forced Mick Foley into his WWE retirement at No Way Out in 2000, as he and Foley went toe to toe inside Hell In A Cell.

He also defeated his good friend Shawn Michaels inside of the cell at Bad Blood in 2004.

Let's remember, it was in a storyline with Sheamus when Triple H was taken out of action earlier this year.

I believe that Triple H will help Randy Orton win at the 2010 Hell In A Cell by attacking Sheamus, only to begin one final fued with Orton, whom he knows all too well.

Triple H kicked Randy Orton out of Evolution due to jealousy after becoming the youngest superstar to ever win the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam 2004.

More recently was the rivalry of Triple H and Randy Orton last year that got personal, which lead to Triple H defeating Randy Orton at WrestleMania 25 to retain his WWE Championship.

We could see a third and final fued between Randy Orton and Triple H this time, somewhat of a passing of the torch this time, however, since Randy Orton is a fan favorite now and Triple H is near the end.

It is a shame that a lot of us are seeing an end to a lot of stars we loved so dearly in the past.  However, it is exciting to think about Triple H's final run and how special it will be.

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