Five Reasons Chelsea Will Beat Arsenal

Anthony DimondContributor IOctober 3, 2010

Five Reasons Chelsea Will Beat Arsenal

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    As an Arsenal fan, I hope that I am proved wrong by the players and Wenger. But when I was making a few bets earlier, I thought about this game.

    I wasn't convinced to put money on Arsenal (and that never happens), but went ahead and did it. But as I feel on paper Chelsea will win, I have a hunch that Arsenal might surprise everyone. To me, Arsenal seems to be a team that likes to go against pundits at times.

    At the start of 09/10 they were close to being out of the top four, but came out fighting. And it seemed they could challenge for the title and pundits backed them but lost Chelsea (first time), and ruled them out for the title.

    When they were ruled of the title race they fought back in. But when pundits said they were back in it, they lost to Chelsea and Man U. Then pundits ruled them out again, saying they were now fighting for top four but fought back into the title race.

    Back in the title race and after a Chelsea slip up, before a game against Birmingham some pundits said if they won the game they would win the title, but then drew the game and it was downhill from there. So I hope they go against the pundits this time. This is just me preparing for the worst.

1. Drogba Drogba........... Drogba

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    He has 12 goals in as many games, that's well documented and has been said all week. He did not score in every game against Arsenal but he seems to be a player that does well against Arsenal. People say that it's his power that Arsenal can't handle but most the goals he have been him using space, pick up good position, counter attacks, free kicks (and getting away with offside) and not using power.

2. Arsenal Is Missing Leaders, and Players Are Scared To Take Responsiblity

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    Arsenal captain, Fabregas vice captain, Van Persie third choice, Almunia preseason captain,  Vermaelen so Arsenal doesn't have the first four leaders. And of late Arsenal players have run away from responsibility. At Sunderland no one wanted to take a penalty, and after West Brom no one talked to the media and fans. You would excuse the new boys, but expect Sagna Clichy Song and Nasri (although did late on against West Brom) to take responsibility. Only Rosicky did take responsibility.

3. Injuries

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    Chelsea is missing Frank Lampard, but on the hospital bed for Arsenal it's not just a lot of players out right now but it's their best goalkeeper, best defender, best midfielder, and best forward. Even Arsenal with them all in, would find Chelsea hard but without them it just makes it harder

4. Chelsea Knows How To Play Against Possession Football

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    In their last five games against teams that play possession football (Arsenal and Barcelona), they conceded two goals and one of these was an amazing goal by Iniesta and the other was from a cross from wide area (not seen a lot in possession football) to reach Walcott and he scored with a deflected shot. Arsenal always score against anyone, but didn't do so against Chelsea last season.

5. Bookies Never Usually Get It Wrong

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    All betting Agencies have Chelsea as big favourites in this match to win it outright. Usually these games are close in terms of odds, but Chelsea undoubted winners in the bookies minds.