Nexus: Do They Have Enough Momentum To Survive Through Hell In A Cell?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIOctober 3, 2010

The Five Current Members Of Nexus
The Five Current Members Of Nexus

NXT season 1 ends with Wade Barrett as the winner and as his prize he receives a guaranteed title shot.

The following RAW at "Viewer's Choice Night," Barrett cut a promo based on his past "Winds of Change" promo stating that the winds of change have arrived. Later in the night, Punk was chosen by the viewers to face Cena.

During midmatch, Barrett came out to the ramp alone.Nothing was expected until Barrett got on the apron. He then made a signal and every NXT season one rookie came rushing out to cause destruction.

The SES was disposed of first and then they went for Cena. Meanwhile some of the rookies (Daniel Bryan included) were destroying the ringside area. A tie-choke by Bryan later and then everyone went to the ring. They took out Cena and everyone was left in shock.

The next week Daniel Bryan was kicked out for feeling remorse on the attack last week. This made Nexus have one less member. Then, they went after Bret Hart and later went after Cena on for back-to-back PPVs, costing him the chance to retain the title.

Eventually Cena got fed up and decided to fight back. He formed a team of seven to take on the Nexus at Summerslam. The seventh member was not known until the day of the match.

Miz decided to help out but Cena didn't need him anymore because their seventh member was Daniel Bryan. As we all know, Nexus lost to SuperCena. Their loss made them lose momentum so they had to rebuild it quickly.

The next night, Nexus decided to test their own members and whoever lost their respective match would be exiled from the group. Darren Young then lost to his long-lost twin, John Cena. Young was then exiled and Nexus was down to six.

Eventually a few weeks passed and they really didn't do much except for attacking the fellow contenders to the WWE championship match in which Barrett was using his championship shot to take a part of.

Along the way, Skip Sheffield got injured during a house show before the 900th episode of RAW happened.Nexus was down to five.

Sheffield's injury made Nexus lose momentum, so during the 900th episode, they attacked 'Taker and Cena, from which they used to get more momentum. Night of Champions eventually arrived and Barrett did not come out on top.

Once again, their momentum dropped and they decided to set their sights on destruction once again. Like before, Cena got in their way and decided to help rid the WWE of the Nexus. Nexus did not go that easily because they wanted to get stronger with the help of John Cena.

Barrett proposed the idea of their match and if he won, then Cena would have to join the Nexus. Cena ever so willingly agreed, on one condition. If Barrett lost, then the Nexus would become history.

The match was then set and Nexus retrieved their momentum back, especially during Smackdown's move to SyFy on Oct. 1.

They controlled most of the show and even took down the Big Show in impressive fashion, by having each member apply a submission hold to every limb on Big Show's body.

They also made an impact during the Kane-Cena match but didn't get as much momentum as their previous attacks earlier in the night.

So this leads me to Sunday's Hell in a Cell PPV where this whole Nexus storyline will come to a huge change.

Either Nexus gets a new member or they leave. As an added bonus, none of the other Nexus members can interfere, otherwise Barrett loses and Nexus is history. 

This leads me to predict that Nexus will soon receive a new member if they want to help increase their momentum.

A singles victory for Barrett over Cena will do wonders for him and the Nexus' future, plus the addition of Cena will help them retrieve some of their lost momentum.

If Cena does end up winning, then a whole world of possibilities may come to an abrupt end.

I predict that Wade Barrett will win and if you are asking how, then I may have a possible answer for you. The Bragging Rights poster has led me to believe that Darren Young may return and help Barrett win so Nexus could stay alive.

I may be wrong, since the last time we saw Young with the Nexus, he was on Barrett's bad side, but he let's not forget that the whole reason he was kicked out was because of his loss to Cena.

Young may have something to do with this Sunday's outcome or he may not, but that's why it's called predicting (right?).

Hopefully, Wade Barrett wins with the help of Young, because it would help the Nexus more than it does Cena. Plus think of the possibility of having both Cenas on the same side!

Well then, now that you have heard my thoughts, tell me yours.

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