Why the LSU Tigers MUST Drop in the Polls Despite Being 5-0

Joseph GelisCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2010

BATON ROUGE, LA - SEPTEMBER 25:  Head coach Les Miles of the Louisiana State Univeristy Tigers during pregame before playing the West Virginia Mountaineers at Tiger Stadium on September 25, 2010 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Where do I begin after watching one of the most bizarre finishes in college football history? LSU defeated Tennessee 16 -14 on this beautiful afternoon in Tiger Stadium, but for all Tiger fans, this has to be one of the most somber post-game evenings ever, given that it follows a win with LSU being 5 – 0.

The Tigers entered this home game against Tennessee undefeated and ranked #10/#12 in the two major polls. They were 16-point favorites over the visiting 2 – 2 Vols. All of these lofty accolades have to be based on the Tiger’s athletic defense, because anybody voting LSU this high had to have turned a blind eye to their one-dimensional offense.

LSU is a major college football program minus a major college quarterback. There isn’t one to be found anywhere on their roster, which is a crying shame given all of the talent found at all the other positions on this team.

Jordan Jefferson, despite his 83-yard jaunt up the gut on the opening play, continues to struggle mightily at the quarterback position. There is no rhythm, no chemistry and no perceptible confidence displayed by all those around him when he is under center. Plain and simple, there is terrible production when he is on the field.

Jarrett Lee provides a bit of an upgrade at the position, with a better arm, and maybe he instills a little bit of confidence in his offensive brethren, but he is far from the consistent signal caller that LSU needs and deserves.

But, the major reason that LSU needs to drop in the polls, despite winning this weekend and being 5 – 0, is because they are simply pretenders at this point. They are not a top ten team, not even close to it despite their record. Anyone watching them this afternoon would have no problem with this assessment.

Lack of production at quarterback is a major part of the problem, but the absolute core of LSU’s trouble can be found in its head coach. Les Miles continues to be out-coached by the opposition and he has been riding superior talent to wins that often are closer than they should be.

Les Miles appeared to be a keeper when he first arrived in Baton Rouge, racking up impressive regular season and bowl wins and of course, even bringing LSU their second national championship in four years. But, for whatever reason, he has been exposed as of late for being less than SEC caliber. LSU is a premier football program and it deserves better than what it is presently getting at head coach.

The atrocious lack of clock management by Les Miles AGAIN is inexcusable for anyone drawing his kind of salary at this high level. Despite the fact that Derek Dooley let him off the hook with his own problems working simple numbers, Miles’ shortcomings was once again exposed for all to see.

LSU has been pulling in superior talent over the years but that talent is being underutilized, and the only one to place this on is the head coach. Perhaps the 2 quarterbacks being used on the Tiger’s roster would not play any better under a more superior coach, however a more superior coach would have his players in better position to win games based on skill and smart play, and not on luck.