Northeast Wrestling 10/1/10 Review: How I Became A Fan Of Daniel Bryan

Graham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2010

Mickie James on the cover of the N.E.W. poster
Mickie James on the cover of the N.E.W. poster

-Last night, on October 1st, 2010, I experienced some of the most exciting live pro wrestling action in recent memory, and I have all to thank Northeast Wrestling. In case your not familiar with the organization, Northeast Wrestling is an indy company that does shows in the Northeast, mostly in New York and Connecticut.

I've been going with my family since May 2009, and we've gone to all the shows since then in our area of CT, last night being our fourth show. If you live in the area, it is definitely worth the 10-20 bucks we paid for the tickets and it is a real exciting and monumental night.

So, without further or do, let's bleach it!

*Autograph Signing

-The signings started at 6 p.m. and we got there about a half hour later, so you can imagine we weren't the first ones in line for autographs. They had all the local wrestlers out in the hallway selling merchandise and signings, and all the guest stars including Mickie James, George "The Animal" Steele, Carlito, Daniel Bryan, Tommy Dreamer and Shelton Benjamin were inside the autoriom

We stood in line for roughly an hour and a half, but it was worth it. All the wrestlers were very friendly, and allowed all questions, comments, and conversations. I know Tommy Dreamer personally from a signing from 2008, so every time I see him, he remembers me and it's always great to catch up with the ECW Original.

1. Cedric Alexander def. ManScout

-Awesome opening match. We didn't see the entrances or the beginning of the match due to overtime with the signatures, but we saw the rest of it and the match did not disappoint. The crowd was very much into it with some high spots, especially when Alexander did a huge springboard dive over the top rope to Scout.

I'm slightly familiar with these guys from other shows. Huge finish with a Starship Pain-like maneuver to finish Scout off, and he did it ten times better than John Morrison does if I may add. Scout got dressed following the match and went back to the merchandise table, really nice guy.

2. Eddie Latham vs. Joey Bricco (No Contest)

-Pretty boring from the get-go, as most of the crowd (including myself) didn't know these guys. One of them came out to Power Rangers music, which was a little odd (In my defense, I didn't recognize the music as Power Rangers, someone near me did, so don't criticize me!).

After a few minutes, Ron Zombie came down and destroyed them both. I though he was a top face, but he acts more like a badass tweener like Orton when attack them both with chairs and a chokeslam. He cut a promo on his Hardcore Match with Dreamer later in the night. Crowd was happy he came out, and it was a great way to advertise his match for later in the night.


3. Vin the Chin and Something McBride def. Chris Battle and CX1

-Good match, but forgettable. This was mostly due to the fact that I didn't know any of the men in the ring, even though it was my fourth show. Crowd didn't care for it, and I can't even remember the match ending. On a side note, one of the guys looked like The Brian Kendrick (LOL).

4. Carlito def. Robbie E. with Cookie

-This match was supposed to come third, but they changed the match order for some reason. The crowd was really into Robbie E, who used to be known as Rob Eckos in Northeast Wrestling. For those who don't know, Eckos recently just signed a contract with TNA and changed his name to Robbie E, with a valet of Cookie, to correspond with his new Jersey Shore gimmick. He debuts on the live edition of TNA Impact this Thursday.

The fans were doing the fist pump when he came out, funny. I was a little surprised they used Carlito's WWE Theme, but I guess it didn't matter. He received a HUGE face reaction, with four separate chants on different occasions. He cut a promo saying that here he was appreciated, and that was cool. As Michael Cole would say, Vintage Carlito.

This was, in my opinion, the third best match of the night. It was a solid match, and they did great job by involving Cookie in the action. At one point in the match, Carlito spit in Cookie's face with an apple. Big crowd reaction from that.


In the end, Carlito pulled some signature spots before hitting the Backstabber out of nowhere for the win. These two have great chemistry, and a rematch in TNA would be awesome. Looking forward to seeing Eckos in TNA.

5. Ron Zombie def. Tommy Dreamer (Hardcore)

-Very exciting match, and had the crowd's attention the entire time. Tommy Dreamer cut a promo before the match on Zombie. Dreamer has excellent emotional mic skills, and it's a shame he was barely able to use them in WWE.

They battled in the ring for a few minutes before getting out to get some weapons. They hit some cool spots with a signapore cane, someones ECW Championship, ring bell, soda (bonus points for crowd reaction), and Dreamer hit an awesome Dreamer Driver through a table that was placed in the turnbuckle.

Surprising finish when Dreamer went for a DDT on a chair, but Zombie countered with an STO. Dreamer said he earned his respect, as well as mine. Great and solid match that could of gone longer with Dreamer a little botchy.

Brief intermission followed.

6. Waterbury Police Officer Mike Trip and NEW Champion Matt Taven (w/ George "The Animal" Steele) def. Brian Anthony and Bull Dread (w/ Kurt Andois)


-The prologue to this match was that last year, Mike Tripp interfered in Brian Anthony's match last year and handcuffed him. Anthony wanted revenge, and also want a shot at the NEW Title in the future. That's a pretty good storyline for an Indy Show.

I was surprised in how much involvement Tripp got, with some solid armdrags and clotheslines. Matt Taven hit some cool spots too. George was able to get some punches in outside as well, funny the way Kurt reacted.

The real climax of the match came towards the end when Steele and Bull Dread were fighting outside the ring, and Taven went for a moonsault of the top turnbuckle. From what I saw and think, Taven pretty much missed Dread and hit Steele from my view, and it seemed like a huge botch. Everyone was scared Steele was seriously hurt with the Security rushing outside to go check up on him, but they didn't need to when Steele got back up.

Tripp got the pin on Anthony in the ring with a move I can't remember. Overall, good match on a follow-up from last year and really great to see that Tripp has been training in the ring. Fourth best match of the night.

7. Mickie James def. Katlin Yim

-When I heard the news Kong wouldn't be competing this mourning, I was pissed. They completely blew off a great dream match. Anyway, I nor anyone in the crowd knew who Mickie's opponent was, but Mickie got a huge pop.


Mickie looks great in person and hit some good spots, including a louz press off the top rope. It was pretty much domination, and James won with her DDT. Decent match, but crowd didn't care at all.

8. WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan def. Shelton Benjmain

-Both men came down to huge pops without his belt, especially hardcore ROH fans that came to see Bryan. Benjamin came down to his recent WWE Theme, and Bryan came down to his generic rock theme, not his new hero music. LOL.

This was a dream match for fans of Bryan, and it exceeded expectations. Bryan went for his LaBelle Lock, Benjamin hit the kick to the head he does, Bryan hit an awesome dropkick, and they were some great arial maneuvers. The crowd chants went back and forth for each man which was funny.The match went 15 minutes before Bryan won with a roll-up.

It got the time it deserved and was definitely the match of the night. These two work awesome together, and the crowd was very much into it. Bryan shook hands with the fans and Benjamin before going back to the back.

After the show, my friend and I got pictures with Ron Zombie and Yim. We also said 'great show' to the others like ManScout, CX1, and Robbie E. before leaving to minimal traffic.

Final Review:

-Each show we go to seems to get better and better, and NEW does great in promoting the shows and getting a huge crowd. The in-ring work was better than TNA for the most part for every match, and the crowd reaction and interactions were way better than WWE.

If you live somewhere in the Northeast area, check out one of these shows. You will become a fan after experiencing awesome wrestling, storylines, promos, and the wrestlers themselves. Check out the DVD for sale soon at if you're interested.