Hockey Hall Of Fame Standards To Low For My Liking

Adam GreuelSenior Analyst IAugust 15, 2008

The Hockey Hall of Fame was established in 1943 with the intentions of honoring the best to ever play the game.

Since that date, a total of 238 players have been inducted, that comes around to about 3.66 players per year. A maximum of four players can be inducted each year and it happens most of the time. The HHOF is becoming more and more like a place for not only great players, but just really good players and this is wrong.

My first problem with the HHOF is the selection committee. Why should only 18 people be on the committee each year? I think it is foolish to leave it to so few people. In my opinion, the committee should consist of at least 150-200 people, not the measly 18 that it consists of today.

Secondly, the HHOF inducts too many players per year. As of now, four players are inducted as long as they meet the minimum requirement of earning 75 percent of the votes, which happens most of the time.

I believe that being inducted into the HHOF would mean much more if it was more exclusive and a better way to help weed out the unworthy is dropping the maximum amount of players inducted yearly from four to two.

The third problem is a spinoff of the second. To many unworthy players are in the hall of fame. Players such as Clark Gillies, Bob Duff, Larry Murphy, etc. are unworthy (there are plenty more) and those are just players under the current criteria.

Another big problem is the continue ignoring of European players. It is the Hockey Hall of Fame, not NHL Hall of Fame. Start inducting more players from overseas and make sure to introduce voters that know the history over there.

It should take much more then just 1,000 points to make the Hall. Winning a Stanley cup is great, but it takes a team effort and just because you won a couple back in your prime shouldn't make you a lock. A player should truly be a legend before being inducted.

Being inducted into the Hall of Fame should be a feeling exclusively for great players and not shared with role players on dynasties such as Duff and Gillies.

In my opinion, the Hockey Hall of Fame should start over. Start with a vote to eliminate at least one-third of the current inductees and hopefully introduce some of the ideas I proposed. Without that, it is not truly a great place to remember the greats.

I beg of you, bring some respectability back to the Hockey Hall of Fame.