Ryder Cup 2010: Preview and Review Of Saturday's Matchups

Chris PolsonContributor IJanuary 17, 2017

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Thanks to Mother Nature, we're getting more than we bargained for on Saturday.  We've had to wait to see how the first and second rounds finish out, and if they can finish the second round before darkness.

Its also forced NBC to go with live coverage throughout the day, which basically nullifies my previous article blasting the network for airing coverage on tape delay.

So, it has forced me to do a quick review of early action while previewing the last six matches.

With that being said, for review, I'm just going to run over a few quick points.

-Woods and Stricker seem to be the team to beat on the United States side.

-Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson weren't as good a pairing as captain Corey Pavin thought.

-Overton has become my favorite to watch during this event. He's making everything.

-The Molinari brothers pairing didn't exactly fair the way European captain Colin Montgomerie had hoped.

-Overall, the rookies for both sides (aside from Dustin Johnson) have played well, win or lose.

Now, onto the second set of six match ups for today.


Donald/Westwood vs. Stricker/Woods

This is the first of the last two alternate shot matches.  This might also be the pairing Monty should've gone with earlier.  No matter what happens in the singles matches tomorrow, on paper, this has to be the best matchup of the whole event.

Prediction - Stricker and Woods edge this one out (if it doesn't actually end up halved).


McDowell/McIlroy vs. Zach Johnson/Mahan

This is the second and final alternate shot match.  Zach Johnson and Hunter Mahan were probably not favored to beat the Molinari brothers, but they played well enough to win.  McDowell and McIlroy started out shaky, but certainly have great chemistry.

Prediction - I think the Euros dominate this one, something like 4 & 3.


Harrington/Fisher vs. Furyk/Dustin Johnson

Harrington got his first Ryder Cup win in six years, partially due to Mickelson and Dustin Johnson's struggles.  They get DJ again, but this time he has the veteran Furyk as his partner.  Luckily, this is fourball format, so Furyk doesn't have to totally rely on Dustin.

Prediction - Dustin Johnson's woes continue.  Euros 2 & 1.


Hanson/Jimenez vs. Watson/Overton

They may have lost their second match, but the Watson/Overton duo is very exciting to watch.  For the mistake Pavin made by putting Phil and Dustin together, he deserves high praise for these two.  They compliment each other well, and as long as Overton continues the hot streak with the putter, this should be a win for the U.S.

Prediction - U.S. 2 & 1.


The Molinari brothers vs. Cink/Kuchar

The Molinari's have been a disappointment through the first match.  Cink has been on fire, and Kuchar has picked it up after a slow start during both rounds.

Prediction - Cink and Kuchar continue to roll.  3 & 2.


Poulter/Kaymer vs. Mickelson/Fowler

Interesting pairings here.  Poulter and Fowler are both very animated, so this could be the best one to watch as far as the entertainment factor goes.  Let's hope that Fowler's youth and excitement will help Mickelson get over the hump.

Prediction - I think it goes to 18, but I'll give Mickelson and Fowler the 1-up victory here.


That's all for now.  If the play gets finished today, look for my review of the singles matches later tonight.  If not, I guess I'll have an early day tomorrow.