Hell In The Cell : A Look Back at The Undertaker's Greatest Nemeses

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Hell In The Cell : A Look Back at The Undertaker's Greatest Nemeses

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    With shocking news indicating that this may very well be The Undertaker's last bow in WWE, I have decided to take a look back into the Deadman's checkered past.

    The following list indicates who I think The Undertaker's greatest nemeses or rivals have been in WWE since his debut back in 1990.

    While most of these choices may feel some what obvious, please feel free to indicate your own ideas and opinions on the subject matter.

    Thank you for reading.

Hulk Hogan

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    Hulk Hogan is perhaps the biggest star to ever impact the wrestling world today. He became a global sensation during the mid 80's up until this very day.

    Known for his superman-like strength, he made casual mincemeat out of his opponent, however the birth of the Undertaker was regarded by many as Hogan's biggest challenge yet.

    The Undertaker debuted in WWE at the Survivor Series of 1990. He won the match for his team after he eliminated the Great Jimmy Snuka.

    This was considered as a tremendous achievement for the Deadman's Career, the impact that he made that day will forever be embodied with The Survivor Series.

    After one year in the business Taker managed to capture the WWE title off Icon Hulk Hogan, although he only held the title for a mere week he still managed to accomplish much more that night then anyone else could dream of i.e. tarnishing the immortal one's career, with a little help from Ric Flair, of course.

    12 years later the two men would square of again this time at Judgment Day for the Undisputed championship. To our surprise Big evil managed to reclaim the championship from Hogan after delivering a thunderous Chokeslam from hell.

    Rival Radar: 8.5


    Always been at the short end of the stick against Undertaker

Stone Cold

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    When the Undertaker created his very own stable in the company entitled the Ministry, his fiercest opponent without a shadow of a doubt had to be the Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    The two men had major feuds over the WWE title and of course their own personal agendas.

    Austin was the man who saved Stephanie McMahon from being sacrificed to the Dark Lord, he also made it his sole duty to take out each one of his minions, leaving Undertaker vulnerable and powerless.

    Austin did however lose the WWE title to Taker At Over the Edge 1999, with a little help from the McMahons. Taker also cost Austin the WWE title in 1998 at the King of the Ring PPV.

    When younger brother Kane was squaring of against Austin in a first blood match, Taker hit Austin on the head with a steel chair thus opening a gash on the champs head and ultimately costing him the title. 

    Rival Radar: 6

    Motive: Always costing him the championship

The Rock

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    The Rock has only had several encounters with Undertaker during both men's time in WWE, however; the most surprising factor between the two men is that they were not only rivals but tag team champions as well.

    The Rock is listed on this list because, it was the Peoples champ who kept the Deadman at bay during the attitude years, they feuded at No Way Out 2002 and a host of other matches in which The Rock always came out on top.

    Rival Radar 5

    Motives: Can never beat the Champ


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    HHH has always been the guy in the business who would cross paths with all the top WWE contenders at one time or another.

    He feuded with the likes of Ultimate Warrior, Hogan, Jericho, Rock, Austin, HBK, Bret and Owen Hart, Kane, Cena, Orton, Batista, Angle, Benoit, Flair etc..

    However none stand out more then his feud and matches with the Deadman. It was during Wrestlemania 17 in a match in which many of us thought, that the Streak was going to be nothing more but a mere memory, after defeating Stone cold 1 month prior in 2 out of 3 falls match, it was only natural to call HHH the better man going on into this feud.

    For me this was one Taker's more graceful Wrestlemania matches, it had everything from suspense to just plain awe.

    Taker eventually managed to finish of The Game after giving him a skull crashing Tombstone Piledriver that could be heard all over Texas

    The two would go onto feud for several more months, this time with the addition of Kane and Austin,

    HHH cost Taker the WWE title on numerous occasions during this time, however Taker would never forget this and 1 year later he cost HHH his Undisputed WWE Championship, thus allowing Hogan to pick up his first major gold since returning to the company.

    Though the two men never really crossed paths after that seen as how HHH was on Raw and Taker on Smackdown it is always believed that with HBK gone, they are the only two men left in the business that come from a dynasty of wrestling talent, an age which saw greats rise and legends conquer.

    Rival Radar: 7 

    Motives:Two greats left who is the best?

    Knack of costing each other the gold.


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    HBK has alway been a man of true talent, grace and wrestling genius, both men however are regarded as icons, legends and idols to many a superstar in the business today.

    Besides their most recent feuds at Wrestlemania, the two men did have an engaging history with one another during the late 90's, they fought on Triple Threat matches, tag matches, cage matches and of course Hell in a cell matches.

    The two stars took part in the first ever Hell in the Cell match in 1997, although HBK won the match due to outside interference from Kane, the match will always be linked with the Undertaker.

    Both men use to fight over the WWE Championship and the top spot at Wrestlemania, with Undertaker being undefeated at the grand daddy of the all and with HBK given the nickname Mr. Wrestlemania.

    Undertaker beat the showstopper not once but twice at Wrestlemania, with the ultimate consequence of HBK's career hanging in the balance, Taker made no amends as he chokeslammed the Heart Break Kid straight to Hell and out of the WWE for good (Kayfabe)

    Rival Radar: 9

    Both synonymous with Wrestlemania

    Both Icons and Legends of equal magnitude 

Bret Hart

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    Well this one is not really one that shouts out Rival, I mean outside the ring we all no that the two men are in fact really close friends. 

    However During their time in the ring together, Undertaker and Bret would occasionally tear the roof apart.

    Their matches did usually involve HBK as a third party; however, it never detracted from the chemistry both men had especially when it came to the WWE title. 

    Rival Radar: 4


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    Yokozuna is one of the Deadman's most prized victims. What a feud this was, we were treated to some really extraordinary super heavyweight fights when these two bulls came at it.

    Yokozuna has played an important figure in The Undertaker's career, it was their feud that ignited The Undertaker's name in the business and his popularity worldwide.

    It was at the Royal Rumble of 1994, where we witnessed 10 men + Yokozuna submerge the Undertaker in a coffin built for the banzai Warrior, it was at this moment that we saw the rebirth of The Deadman and the start of something special.

    These two also had other memorable feuds some even involving Hollywood star Chuck Norris, at the time one of the greatest fighters in the world.

    Yokozuna is also responsible for crushing the Undertaker's face when he leg dropped him thus crushing his orbital bone. Sadly we will never see these two men square of with one another again.

    Rival Radar: 9/10

    Motives: Who was the best super heavyweight?


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    At first Undertaker refused to fight his brother, but changed his mind when Kane caused him to lose his match against Shawn Michaels at the 1998 Royal Rumble.

    This sparked worldwide publicity, as everyone who was anyone and anyone who was somebody definitely wanted to see these two behemoths battle it out to determine just who the greater brother is.

    Although Kane dominated their match a Wrestlemania, by giving his brother not 1, not 2 but 3 Tombstone and several chokeslams, the power of The Undertaker was just to much for baby brother to handle.

    The two have fought on numerous occasions and in some case in the most fallacious matches seen in the WWE such as inferno matches, buried alive matches, casket matches, and this week we wlil see them face each other again in a hell in a Cell match.

    The two have also own several championship togethers, such as the WCW and WWE tag team championships. Proving in some instances that blood is thicker than water.

    With both men soon to to retire, could Kane be regarded as Taker's greatest adversary?

    Rival Radar 9.5/10

    Motives: Who is the Devil's favorite child?


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    Never have I witnessed such intense and emotionally draining matches in my life, when these two men squared of you just knew it was going to be a slobberknocker.

    In wrestling I always envisioned top wrestlers in the business to be paired with another equally talented wrestler and that would later on be the two guys whose feud will go the extra mile and at the same time creating magic moment for us to all remember.

    For instance Angle and Lesnar, Benoit and Jericho, The Rock and HHH, Austin and Vince, Bret and HBK etc...

    For me Undertaker has always had one man who could make him goto places that no one though was possible, one man that would change how people see the Undertaker and one man who could do more sadistic an outrageous stuff then the undertaker would ever dream of and that everyone is Mankind.

    In 1998 they met again for a Hell in a Cell match at King of the Ring. It went down as one of the most brutal matches in Hell in a Cell’s history. Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the cell, causing him to fall through an announcers’ table.

    As soon as Mankind climbed back to the top of the cage Undertaker grabbed him and choke-slammed him on the top of the steel cage causing Mankind to fall through and onto the mat below.

    If that weren’t enough, Taker also slammed him onto a huge pile of thumbtacks.

    Although Undertaker dominated the match, although both men were left beaten, they both created wrestling folklore, that people in the future would just not believe.

    Rival Radar: 10/10 !

Honorable Mentions:

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    Big Show


    Vince McMahon

    Ric Flair