USA 92, Greece 69 - The Redeem Team PSA

Eddie MaisonetContributor IAugust 15, 2008

This was a Public Service Announcement from the Team USA Basketball network.

"Try and play that bullsh!t type of basketball if you want to. You'll get ran off the floor."

Look at the picture up above, I don't think I've ever seen Bosh display such emotion in Toronto ever. Lebron looks like the cover photo with Gisele in his hand. Growling and muscles flexing. Team USA was not playing today.

Of course it didn't start off easy for the U.S. as they faced some tough adversity early in the match. Jason Kidd picked up three quickest fouls in the history of the world (maybe) in the first 85 seconds of the contest (all 3 were very ticky-tacky), Kobe got an intentional foul after he went hard to the hoop and looked to be fouled, however the refs viewed it as a no call, after a scramble for the loose ball Kobe went for the ball and the Greek player was fouled (for the record, he won the Vlade Divac award for biggest flop) and fell back into camera row. Some missed 3's, and shaky opening possessions could've ruined the Americans psyche against Greece. The same team who beat them 101-95 in the FIBA World Championships in 2006 at Tokyo.

Enter Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Miami Heat fans, rejoice after this performance. Flash is back, and better than ever. I will give it the Ed The Sports Fan lead pipe lock that Mike Beasley will win the Rookie of the Year because everyone will be worried about D. Wade in '08-'09. Top 4 seed in the East will be awaiting the Heat, guaranteed.

Toronto Raptor fans, just realize that Bosh could be an MVP candidate next year. If Jermaine is healthy for Toronto, then I see a....#2 seed for the Raptors. Oh boy.

Anyway, Wade was THE man for Team USA, making all the hustle plays, driving to the hoop, dishing to open teammates for easy buckets, and even hitting a THREE. (Didn't know Team USA swingmen could do that.) The alley-oop that D. Wade setup for Kobe was amazing, as he tipped the ball away from the Greek player, and with the ball falling out of bounds, he snagged it and threw it towards the basket, with Kobe cleaning it up for the oop. Amazing. Bosh played exceptionally strong, except for when my boy Sofoklis Schortsisantis came in. Dude is 6'9", 340 pounds (roughly) with the meanest goatee that side of the Atlantic. Bosh did the worst thing of all-time and TOOK A CHARGE! Thought he was gonna die, but he took it on the chest, literally, and that was symbolic of Greece's performance.

Probably the biggest game of the Olympics will really be this Saturday (make sure to wake up, probably an early morning game) against racist Spain (go to, scroll down and look at the Team Spain squinty eyes picture and realize WHERE the Olympics are being held...crazy). The Gasol brothers, J.C. Navarro, El Calderon, and my main man RICKY RUBIO will be in full effect against a ready and willing USA squad. I expect a close game the whole way as Spain's looked mighty impressive thus far against Yao & Yi w/ China and Dirk and Kaman w/Germany. They rolled Greece up. So I'm already excited.

Now, I do have Spanish heritage and I've occasionally been called out on taking my Hispanic heritage as a choice over my American blood. Not this time, Can't root for Spain going squinty eyes on their team picture to win. No sir.

Ed the Sports Fan Lead Pipe Lock - USA 105, Spain 95

U-S-A! U-S-A!