The Search For Center: Melky and Gardner Not The Answer

Jon SContributor IAugust 15, 2008

While the Yankees continue to play baseball worse than a bunch of drunk hooligans, the obvious problem seems to have arisen. They don't have a center fielder. Melky Cabrera is one of the worst hitters in MLB and if it wasn't for his amazing defense he would not be in baseball. While he has a canon for an arm, he is blind as a bat(no pun intended) at the plate. Most hitters to generate power keep their back foot planted and bend their back knee. Melky's foot flys out similar to Hank Aaron but the difference is Melky sucks. When he steps up to the plate you can think of the worst possible outcome that could  occur and that is usually what ends up happening.

For example, i was watching a game in which the yankees had 1st and 3rd with one out and i was pumped until i saw that Melky was coming up to the plate. As soon as he stepped into the box i said that he was going to hit into an inning ending double play. Sure enough he doesn't leave me hanging with my prediction and bam, a double play.

The easy thing you may say is get rid of Melky, and i have been saying this for a while. But who will replace him? The Yankees sent down Cabrera and brought up Brett Gardner from Scranton. The problem with that is Brett Gardner gets up to the plate and is swinging like scotty smith and the slap happy cantalopes. He is no better when it comes to offensive production. The usual outcome of a Gardner at bat starts off with a bunch of foul balls popped up to the left side followed by a weak hack for a strike out. If it was possible to steal first he'd be golden, but you can't so he stinks on ice.

It comes down to this. The Yankees need to go out to the free agent market and snag the best one they can find or make a big trade. Gardner and Cabrera do not belong in the Majors if they can't hit for beans on rice. Yeah, that's right, beans on rice. So while Melky continues to jump and kick like its all good and the yankees will make the playoffs, the yankees continue to slip. Bottom line is Melky should be selling pretzels on the streets and Gardner can help.