Michael Phelps Won His Seventh Gold By One-Hundredth Of A Second!!

MyRoyalWayCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2008

Everyone is watching in anticipation.

Everyone in USA or anyone who supports Michael Phelps in his quest for unprecedented 8 Gold Medals, would have to watch this game.

This is a race that could potentially derail Phelps' golden quest.

His nearest rivals Milorad Cavic, and team mate Ian Crocker were more than worthy contenters. Cavic holds the current world record and was the fastest qualifier. Ian Crocker held the Olympic record, and third fastest qualifying time.

And Cavic was supremely confident. In an interview with the media, he acknowledged that Phelps is a great swimmer, but he hopes that when the media writes about Phelps winning all but one gold medal, he wants to be that person who takes it from him.

As the swimmers take up their position, a wave of anxiety fell over the stadium. It was almost as if everyone could feel that this is a race that is going to be awfully close.

And it couldn't be any closer.

Cavic made his point from the start, emerging about one head's length in front of Phelps. He looked strong, and determined. By the end of the first lap, he was still a head length in front.

Is this going to be the end of Phelps's golden quest?

Phelps has always been stronger towards the second 50m. BUT then again he has never faced this kind of competition. He is now in an unfamiliar postion of trailing by a head's length.

At the 3/4 mark, Phelps is still behind. If it stands that way, Phelps' quest will be crushed.

Wait a min.

Phelps is making his move! Every stroke got him closer to Cavic, but every stroke we are getting agonizingly to the finish line as well. It is nerve wrecking to even watch this!

WE ARE GOING TO A PHOTO FINISH!! Phelps and Cavic touched almost at the same time!

Is it going to be Cavic or Phelps' title?

It is PHELPS!!! GOODNESS me, Phelps has won the gold medal by one hundredth of a second!! It cannot get any closer than that!

The replays show that right till the end, Phelps was still behind, but his decision to take one extra stroke took him just ahead of Cavic who chose to glide.

What an amazing comeback by Phelps! So What if this is the only time he did not break the world record? Now lets go for the eighth gold! Bring it on!