Behind the Scenes with the Florida State Student Boosters

HCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2008

There is an organization on campus dedicated to promoting school spirit, increasing attendance at sporting events, and rewarding students based on their dedication to Florida State Seminole Athletics.
They can be spotted at every home game, and across campus. They currently have over 1,600 members and by 2008 they hope to represent 2,000 'Noles as fellow Seminole Student Boosters.

"The most difficult part about being involved with Seminole Student Boosters for me is just keeping track and trying to stay up to date with our 1,600-plus members," said Athletic Events Associate Director and FSU junior Katie Min Holmstrom. "We are the largest student organization. I am very proud of our member population and their school pride."

Freshman Arielle Haynes is the Special Events Associate Director. She became involved through her interest in obtaining tickets to go to the games. Haynes applied during the summer to be involved in the organization.
After receiving an e-mail regarding open positions for Executive Board, she jumped at the opportunity and signed up for an interview.

"I've always wanted to join Seminole Student Boosters and I finally became a member after I made friends with members on the 2006 executive board," said FSU junior Tiffani Dishner. "Hearing their experiences with Seminole Student Boosters, I decided that I wanted to become more involved with it and ran for the Ticket Director position."

Aside from being a full-time student taking 15 credit hours, Haynes is dedicated to HT3, which promotes diabetes awareness, and was inducted at Torch Night for her involvement in high school.

As the Special Events Associate Director, Haynes is one of 20 on the Executive Board. The Tampa native is responsible for assisting the Event Planner and overseeing the Special Events committee of 16.
One event they put on is Senior Send Off, another is Champions forum. A Boosters' polo with khakis is the required uniform of the Executive Board at special events.
"If I wasn't on student boosters I don't think I would have been able to find out about a lot of the different things that go on around campus," said Haynes. "I've been able to meet a lot of the different coaches and the older Boosters who have a big influence on Florida State."

Seminole Student Boosters is also involved with community service projects such as Dance Marathon. A big event for the organization is Seminole Uprising, their Fall pep rally. Being engaged with so many gatherings, people, and objectives, sometimes unfortunate occurrences come up that are beyond their control.

"The craziest mishap would have to be my first year when we tried having Seminole Uprising in Dick Howser," said President and FSU senior Joe Mahshie. "The weather was horrible and we went back and forth all day whether or not to have the pep rally or to postpone it.
"It was so nerve-racking that by the end of the day I think each student involved would have been out there if there was a tornado or whatever. Now we don't have to worry so much about weather since Uprising is held in Tully."

Besides attending sporting events, there are plenty of benefits to being involved in Seminole Student Boosters.

"I think getting a behind-the-scenes look on what goes on in athletes' lives and being able to be on board with athletes is a great perk," said Haynes. "You hear their perspective and you hear how much it means to them."
Originally published in the FSView, Issue date: 4/12/07 Section: Arts & Life


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