Fireman Ed and the 10 Most Self-Important Fans Ever

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2010

Fireman Ed and the 10 Most Self-Important Fans Ever

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    Fireman Ed has become a household name while cheering fanatically for the likes of Jumbo Elliott, Curtis Martin and the legendary Brooks Bollinger.

    There's no question the man loves himself some New York Jets football.

    His intensity was evident earlier this year when a fan stole his seat in a preseason game against the Giants.  With the cameras capturing the incident, Fireman Ed pushed Giants fan Christopher Black.

    The confrontation didn't end there.

    Fireman Ed has been charged with simple assault and will appear in court to face his accuser sometime in October.

    The plight of one of America's most famous sports fans is the inspiration behind this list.

    Here's a look at the top 10 most self-important fans in recent memory.

No. 10: Steve Bartman

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    Steve Bartman didn't particularly enjoy what happened after he put trying to catch a baseball above the fate of his Lovable Losers.

    Death threats and constant harassment forced Bartman to go into hiding after his attempt to catch a fly ball in the NLCS against the Marlins.

    Left-fielder Moises Alou wasn't the only individual to take issue with Bartman, who was just another middle-aged man who wanted to catch a stupid baseball.

    That mindset alone indicates Bartman had a strong sense of self-importance.

    His indulgence did absolutely no good, for himself or anyone else.  In all fairness, there' s no way to know if Moises Alou, a horrendous fielder on the downside of his career, would have got the ball.

    Then there was the Alex Gonzalez bobble...

    In the end, Bartman probably still deserves to be some sort of tragic figure.

    As a Cubs' fan, this night will simply be impossible to forget.

No. 9: Tom Cruise and The Rest Of The Lakers' Bandwagoners

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    Tom Cruise might know a thing or two about basketball, but his presence at Lakers' games isn't really a welcomed sight to NBA fans.

    Yes, everyone knows celebrities live in L.A. and enjoy going to Lakers' games.

    From Andy Garcia and his silly glasses to Mark Walberg, Lakers' games are full of celebrity sightings.

    I wonder how many players they can name besides Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher?

No. 8: Tom McKernan Aka The Barrel Man

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    Unlike some of his counterparts on this esteemed list, Tim McKernan wasn't annoying or overbearing.

    He was just a naked dude wearing a barrel to Broncos' games.

    After attending Broncos' games for 30 years wearing his famous barrel, McKernan hung it up in 2007 after a string of health problems.

    He died in December 2009.

    In the end, he makes this list because his barrel-wearing antics actually started over a bet with his brother. 

    McKernan thought he could get on TV, and he was right.

No. 7: Packers Fans Wearing Bikinis to Games

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    Shirtless fans in cold climates have always been part of the sports culture.

    Chicks in bikinis with the temperature at -20 is a bit more uncommon.

    This strange behavior is often on display at Packers games, and always seems to end with an appearance on television.

    Having attended numerous Packers games, it's safe to say that finding an attractive woman wearing a bikini is virtually impossible.

    That blanket statement doesn't include the famous bikini chicks who made a sign to highlight their courageous actions.

    As if the cameras would have missed them...

    It's all about the fire and the passion in the NFL, and the women of Lambeau certainly have that.

No. 6: Jim Goldstein

5 of 10's that guy!

    His name is Jim Goldstein, and he loves this game.

    Goldstein is a rambling millionaire who doesn't have to work to support his habit of having awesome seats to any and all NBA games that matter.

    He also doesn't have to try very hard to stand out, with his colorful outfits and customary cowboy hats.

    How awesome would it be to have his life?

No. 5: The Dog Pound

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    The Browns need all the cheering they can get, and the support of the Dawg Pound is part of the reason the team hasn't been blacked out in over a decade despite being truly awful during that span.

    The patrons in the east end zone are as rabid as they come, no matter what the score is.

    Not many players besides the one, the only Chad Ochocinco have the courage to mess with the Dawgs.

No. 4: The Hogettes

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    The hilarious cross-dressing fans of the Redskins have made Washington's painfully ineffective offense in recent seasons worth watching--almost at least.

    There's nothing quite as funny as seeing old dudes having the courage to ham it up for the cameras.

    The most famous hogette, Ralph Campbell AKA Grandpa Hoggette, passed away late this August.  He started wearing a dress borrowed from his mother in 1983.

    You just gotta love the spirit...

No. 3: Spike Lee

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    Spike Lee is the New York Knicks.

    The legendary Lee always looks out for his city, especially when it comes to his beloved Knicks.

    His trash-talking battle with Reggie Miller embodies his fiery attitude.  The exchange served no purpose other than to motivate Miller, but Spike refused to back down.

    It will be difficult to match the theater created in the the playoff series between the Knicks and Pacers of the early '90's.

    It will also be difficult for any NBA player to score eight points in 8.9 seconds.

No. 2: Fireman Ed

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    Fireman Ed is pretty crazy, but not necessarily in a bad way.

    His leadership skills as a cheerleader catapulted him to fame and even did enough to land a spot in an ESPN promo for Monday Night Football.

    It will be interesting to monitor what happens to his legacy following the idiotic assault charges.

    If history is any indication, his career in the spotlight is only just beginning.


No. 1: Jack Nicholson

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    Was there really any doubt regarding who would be No. 1?

    Good 'ole Jack bleeds Laker gold and isn't an idiot when it comes to basketball.  He knows his stuff.

    That doesn't make it any less annoying to see his ugly mug 2,345 times during each NBA season.

    Often flanked by friend Lou Adler, Jack always has plenty to say to opposing coaches, players and of course, the referees.

    It must be nice to be able to shell out five grand for every Lakers' home game.