All You Versus TV Lovers, I Hope You Like the New York Rangers

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IAugust 15, 2008

NBC and Versus television networks have just released their schedules—and for the sake of anyone who watches that channel on a regular basis, I hope you're a New York Rangers fan. That's because starting with the Rangers and Lightning game in Prague on October 5, the Rangers will be featured a record maximum eight times this season.

The Complete Rangers on Versus schedule:

October 5; 12PM New York Rangers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

December 29; 7PM New York Rangers Vs. New York Islanders

January 5; 7PM New York Rangers Vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

February 9; 7PM New York Rangers @ New Jersey Devils 

February 16; 7PM New York Rangers @ St. Louis Blues

March 9; 7PM New York Rangers @ Carolina Hurricanes

March 24; 7PM New York Rangers Vs. Minnesota Wild

March 30; 7PM New York Rangers Vs. New Jersey Devils


Let me start off by saying that I absolutely hate Versus, more then any other organization that ever covered the sport of hockey. There's five minutes of pre-game coverage and then a whopping thirty minutes of post-game and league highlights.

Many people can't stand their main announcer Mike "Doc" Emerick—but compared to Joe Benninatti, the guy is like a God.

There were times when I actually muted the broadcast and listened to music instead, and I damn well enjoyed it. Now, since I'm developing my radio voice, I might as well broadcast the games myself.

So, for the Rangers fans out there, hearing this news should come as a huge disappointment, as this is now eight less times we get to hear our beloved Sam Rosen.

But, if there is a good side to this, the Rangers only play the Penguins once, so we'll only have to deal with the non-stop Crosby love fest for one evening—that is, unless Crosby has some sort of bearing on the Rangers-Hurricanes outcome.