WWE Hell in a Cell: Undertaker-Kane, The Final Curtain Call? (Part I)

David ForrestContributor IOctober 1, 2010

The Brothers of Destruction end it all at Survivor Series?
The Brothers of Destruction end it all at Survivor Series?

I'm going to start this article off by making a bold statement: I would bet my house on Kane retaining the title on Sunday.

Undertaker will not win this match by a long shot. How do I know? Well, think about it. Letting Taker win would destroy all the momentum this feud has had. It's all centred around Kane dominating his brother, that is where all the heat is coming from.

Letting the Undertaker win would basically ruin all of Kane's hype and momentum. No one would bother as much with it if we know Taker can win, will they?

"Oh, same old, same old." Letting Kane defeat Taker again ramps up the tension and allows a creep of doubt to slip into your mind that maybe it won't be the same result as before.

Of course, the feud could ultimately end at Hell In A Cell, couldn't it? Definitely not, for those viewers on the right side of the Atlantic—the WWE's endless tirade of UK tour adverts—will be well known to you.

Last week, however, WWE gave off a massive spoiler effectively confirming that this feud still has long to run and that HIAC will not be the end by announcing a Belfast Brawl between Kane and Undertaker during the televised Belfast date of the company's UK tour in November. Why on earth would they want to put these guys in a match again if they've finally just resolved their matters?

No, this one's going to stretch to Survivor Series, in my opinion, and I think that it will be the curtain call for one of these two wrestlers. Rumours have crept in that the Undertaker is finally ready to pack it all in and retire from the business, and if you've seen some of his matches recently, you'll agree it's for the best. The guy's getting old, and his physical conditioning has deteriorated over the last year or so. Even though he can still pull out a great match with pretty much anyone, you can see the effect it has on him each time.

Similarly, his brother (they may not be biological brothers, but they are brothers damnit) Kane's recent "lifetime achievement," World Heavyweight Championship run has brought back the ever-relevant question of him finally hanging up his boots as well.

For WWE Creative to place the gold on him at his age for any other reason than to serve as a "parade lap" just seems bizarre. Although Kane (who is frequently regarded throughout the company as the nicest person in the locker room) is too humbled and mild-mannered to even contemplate raising the question to the powers-that-be at WWE, it can't be far from Vinnie Mac's mind that the guy is getting to the point where he can kick back in some brimstone-smelling cave and put his feet up in retirement.

It stands to reason that this feud will result in one of these competitors' careers ending. We can already see the signs that this is the Undertaker's final dash to the finish. Finally facing his lifetime enemy in the match which defined them, with Paul Bearer in tow no less, it seems that the Undertaker is ticking the few remaining boxes on his to-do list whilst giving the fans a walk down memory lane before finally evaporating into the ether. However, many firmly believe that the Undertaker's final match will be at WrestleMania, and that in actuality it will be Kane who is dispatched to the beyond for good.

Therefore I feel that this feud should end with an absolute bang. Whoever goes, will go out in style. This feud has been characterised by so many things that it deserves to be ended in time-honoured fashion at Survivor Series in a match that will combine elements from multiple similar matches, which the Undertaker epitomises. It should end in what I'm calling a "Rest In Peace Match."

The Premise is simple. Kane will win on Sunday, and proclaim that he has truly ended the Undertaker. He will then be booked in a championship match at Bragging Rights, where the Undertaker will interfere and cost Kane the title. Kane will become infuriated and demand this Rest In Peace match. Whereas previous matches have been limited to Casket matches, or Last Ride matches, or even Buried Alive matches, this one will combine the three.

At the side of the ring will be a Casket on a wheeled stand and at the bottom of the entrance-way will be a Hearse. The competitor must load the casket into the hearse and drive it to the top of the ramp where they must unload it again, to where there will be a grave, similar to the Buried Alive match.

The competitor must then place the casket in the grave and bury it alive, before uttering into a microphone the immortal words "Rest In Peace." The other condition of the match is that both competitors must put their career on the line. While other Casket matches and Buried Alive matches usually result in the competitor returning from the grave a few months later or even the next night, this match will be their final match. This means that whoever loses can have their retirement and add a bit of authenticity to the match.

On Monday, post-Hell In A Cell, I'll write up an article detailing how I think the match should pan out, but in the meantime, chat in the comment box about the feud, my match idea, what should happen in my match report and how it should all play out in the end. Until then though, enjoy Hell In A Cell!