John Cena: Is Turning the Champ Heel a Wise Move Given the Current Product?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIOctober 1, 2010

With the Hell in the Cell PPV only a few doorsteps away, we the WWE Universe are waiting for the inevitable to happen i.e. John Cena joining Nexus with the possibility of changing his whole character Heel at the same time.

While myself and the majority of the IWC have been waiting and anticipating for this moment to happen for a very long time, I just feel that with the current product at hand can a CENA heel change actually work?

For those who follow online rumours and backstage gossip it has been brought to our attention that the Nexus sales of merchandise have been extremely poor as one would have hoped. I honestly hope that the planned Heel change is not happening in the hopes of Cena helping the sales of that particular merchandise to go up, it is ridiculous.

For fellow wrestling enthusiasts we can recall that the last time Cena played a heel in the company it was in 2003; seven years ago. This is when the world got to see what type of performer Cena really is, he feuded with the likes of Undertaker, Lesnar, Angle, Big Show and Benoit all men who were at the top of the pile, yet no one complained about Cena’s wrestling ability nor did they complain about his character, well not that much anyway.

I feel that it’s a good idea for every wrestler to play both the Hero and Villain at some point during the course of their career, even if it only lasts for a short period of time. Therefore maybe that time in 2003 was Cena’s time; therefore with the current product can we really afford to have Cena change character again.

Well with Randy Orton currently undergoing a massive transition in character, from Anti-Hero to just plain Hero perhaps all is not lost. However there have been reports that Orton is not to impressed nor is he to keen with the idea of switching roles with Cena as he would much rather prefer to stick with the character he already had.

This is a real problem with the WWE they gave wrestlers to much freedom with their characters, Cena has been a face for seven years now, Orton has been an Anti-hero for six years now, there you have two of the biggest names in the WWE at the moment that have never experienced change outside their comfort zone.

Instead of having Kane change character status every two or three weeks or by making Vladimir Kozlov into a Face they should have been focusing on their stars who sell tickets.

With Batista they incredibly managed to accomplish this feat without any major hiccups. CM Punk although relatively new to the business he has undergone the change from face to heel, this has allowed the audience to get to no Punk, what he is all about and what his new character can bring to the table. Lastly we all no what Jericho is about so I wont talk much about him, as he is in a league of his own.

Therefore I feel that if you were to change Cena into a heel, then it won’t last and the crowd won’t buy into it. Imagine if Cena was cutting a beel promo informing the crowd that he despises them or that they made him into what he is, it just lacks emotion and chemistry for me, Cena will probably end up smiling half way through his speech thus killing of any realism the promo had to offer.

Then again maybe the Heel change for Cena can be one of the best things to happen for the business, we could see old feuds with fresher outcomes like Batista vs. Cena back at Wrestlemania. Maybe the WWE can bring in a whole new bunch of audiences and crowds worldwide or Cena’s essence alone can make the project work.

Another example is HBK, HHH and Undertaker, because these guys are legends in their own right, it is impossible for the crowd to boo them these days I mean why? Is it because their merchandise is selling well or is it simply the fact that they have to much love out there in the WWE Universe.

Well, the business should not run like this, Rock turned heel at the height of his popularity yet he managed to make it work same with Austin.

Therefore, I feel that until we have a new face who wants to be the face of the company for instance Miz, Christian or MVP (just throwing some names out there), then by all means turn Cena heel, until that day comes unfortunately we have to have him be the Face of the Company there are no two ways about it.

I hope this made at least some sense to all the B/R writers and readers out there, please voice your opinion in the comment section and thanks for reading.