The Magnitude of the 2008 Olympic Games: China vs. USA

Tanya MercadoCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2008

It has always been a fight for dominance in the Olympics. Who is the greatest athlete of them all? Michael Phelps has already answered that question.


There is a difference in these Olympics. Since they are being held in Bejing, the pressure is on the Chinese athletes to perform. So the competition is USA vs. China. Of the two superpowers, who will have the most medals? Who can claim global dominance in sports?


The Olympics have always been important, more so now than before because of the fighting in Russia and the never-ending war in Iraq. It does serve as a distraction.


It gives all nations a chance to stop and unite to cheer on their athletes to victory. It is a chance to stop and see we are all the same and have no reason to fight. If all of these athletes from so many countries can come together and co-exist, why can’t the rest of the world?


These athletes teach us so much. They celebrate together. Even upon defeat, they congratulate one another on a job well done. They know what it takes because they have all been there.


The world is paying attention because of the hype between these two countries. Between the massive amount of publicity about Michael Phelps’ goals and how China was looking for the gold in gymnastics, these Olympics are probably the biggest ever in history.


There has always been a battle between the United States and China. It started in politics and made its way into the Olympics. Gymnastics is the main competition between these nations. China has never won gold, until this year. The United States has thanks to the Magnificent 7 of the 1996 Atlanta games.


The most important events for these two nations are pretty much over, gymnastics and diving. The Chinese surpassed Team USA in these events. Whether it was done fairly or unfairly is up for debate. I can make a few key points on that one.


Nonetheless, I still root hard for Team USA. They will always be gold to me.