Big Ten Football: 5 Reasons OSU Will Defeat Illinois

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIOctober 1, 2010

Big Ten Football: 5 Reasons OSU Will Defeat Illinois

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    Tomorrow, the Ohio State Buckeyes will take on the University of Illinois in their first Big Ten conference game of the season.

    In comparison to the other teams OSU has played so far, this game will be much more of a challenge. However, if they Buckeyes go out on the field and play like they have demonstrated they know how to, cinching a win in Illinois should be no problem for OSU.

    The Buckeyes have history, top players and a great coaching staff on their side to help them win this game. OSU may also benefit if one of Illinois’s starting guards, Hugh Thornton, is benched for the game due to an arrest incident that occurred last weekend.

    This game will be close, but in the end Illinois will be the fifth team to fall to OSU.

    Here is a list of five reasons why OSU will defeat Illinois.

No. 5 The History Of Defeat

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    History shows that OSU, whether home or away, usually has the upper hand in this match up.

    According to ESPN, OSU has more wins than losses on the road in Illinois. Overall, they have a total of 33 wins and 12 losses to Illinois when Illinois is at home.

    While the trend is not a set in stone mandate of who will win this game, it does show that OSU is going into the game on Saturday with history on its side.

    If the Buckeyes can match or exceed the level of play that Illinois displays, then history should repeat itself, and OSU should be victorious on Saturday.

No. 4 OSU Is Ranked Higher Than Illinois

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    These days ranking aren't the best way to determine the outcome of any given football game.

    However, they do provide a general way in which to get an idea of who should be winning a football game, especially if the rankings of the two teams playing are not close in number.

    OSU will be going into this game as the No. 2 ranked team in the nation. Illinois will be coming into the game unranked, or at least not ranked within the top 25 teams in the nation.

    While there could be an upset, more than likely this game will follow the lines of the rankings and OSU will leave Illinois with an advanced record of 5-0.

No. 3 The Defence

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    OSU has a great defensive line up this season.

    Between Cameron Heyward, Brian Rolle and Ross Homan the OSU defense is looking pretty good so far this season. They haven't given up too many yards to the other teams they've played, and the tackles they have provided so far this season have looked excellent.

    Illinois in the seasons before now has had a pretty bad defense. This year however, it seems to be on the mend.

    Even with a defense that has improved since the previous season, this defensive line up will still be hard pressed to stop the likes of Terrell Pryor

No. 2 The Offense

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    While OSU deffinitely won't have as high a scoring game as they did last weekend, the offense will give Illinois a run for their money.

    OSU has some of the most talked about offensive players in the NCAA. Between Pryor possibly being in the running for a Heisman Trophy, and players like Dane Sanzenbacher and Boom Herron, the OSU offenive line is one hard force to stop.

    They have had some amazing plays this season thus far, some of which were seen last week in their game against Eastern Michigan.

    Illinois has some good players too such as Nathan Scheelhaase, but based on their performance from last week against Missouri, the OSU defense should be able to hold Illinois back.

No. 1 Performance So Far This Season

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    Looking at how both of these teams have played so far this season, both teams have had positive and negative aspects in their performances.

    OSU has obviously had trouble with special teams and Illinois has had a little trouble with their passing.

    But, OSU has had a very good a passing game so far and Illinois's special teams have looked excellent so far this season.

    Even with their ups and downs, overall OSU has played better than Illinois so far this season.

    If this trend continues, it will just be another predictor of OSU's win over Illinois tomorrow.