Making a Case For GSP As #1 P4P Fighter

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Making a Case For GSP As #1 P4P Fighter

    As I sit here reading headlines and articles arguing who the #1 Pound 4 Pound fighter in the world is, I can't help but question why GSP isn't in the conversation. Although Anderson Silva has completely devastated everything in his path, including making a jump to Light Heavy Weight and defeating a "contender", sending him back to square one. I feel GSP has done the very same thing in the 170lbs division.

   GSP of late has seemed invincible within the 170 lbs division. My case for GSP taking the number 1 spot on the Pound 4 Pound ranks breaks down like this. Before his loss to Matt Serra, before taking the Welterweight belt from Matt Hughes, he was unstoppable. Defeating the likes of Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Matt Hughes twice, BJ Penn, and Karo Parisian, He tore through everything the UFC threw at him. The only notable set back was his first fight with Matt Hughes. He talks about this in his UFC Unleashed profile for his first or second fight with Matt Serra (I believe it is the second but I am not 100% sure). He talks about the lime light getting the best of him, and having lost focus due to over partying. Now with all of those distractions he still slaughtered everything in front of him. Then came Matt Serra.

    It is my personal opinion that the loss of his belt to Matt Serra, was one of the best things that could have happened to him, and couldn't have come at a better time. The loss of his belt caused him to refocus on his training, his career, and stop partying. The new GSP is a faster, stronger, better fighter then that of the past, and it has shown. The defeat of Matt Serra in devastating fashion ushered in the new and improved GSP. We'll call him GSP 2.0. With the undeniably dominant defeat of Jon Fitch has given us a small taste of what is to come, and  it is looking good.

    What it all coms down to is a super fight needs to happen. Not GSP Vs BJ Penn 2 but a GSP Vs Anderson Silva. All of the debate over who is top dog P4P is irrelevant unless this happens. I believe 100% that this fight will happen, and will usher GSP into his right full throne as Pound 4 Pound King.

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