WWE Rapidly Falling in The Ratings and Buy-Rates: What Can Be Done to Save It?

Sam HarbyContributor IOctober 1, 2010

Time for a change?
Time for a change?

This is a time I never expected would happen, a few years ago the thought of WWE Monday Night RAW achieving a dismal 2.37 in the ratings would have been completly idiotic, the thought that the leader of the World Wide wrestling market would have lost so much of it's audience seemed impossible. This said, I want to consider why this is? What exactly has gone wrong within this great company that now loses around .5 ratings in one week?

There are many possibilities, for starters one has to believe some of it is down to the companie's PG rating. It can often hinder angles, character development and matches by not allowing wrestler's to put in the right amount of violence to accurately portray how emotional and passionate they are. The lack of edgy entertainment and unbelievable angles has evidentally left some people dissapointed. For me, I can totally see why the WWE went PG in the first place, they were worried that their audience would not be maintained into the future and they thought a transition to PG would be a stable long term investment. I mean look, it worked well in the Golden Age right? That's true but before that there was no 'attitude' to live up to back then and trying to impress adults with a more toned down version of a programme they love is definately a hard task. I personally was a fan of the new PG rating, I liked the idea of getting children interested in a sport we all love, from an early age so that they like us can grow up to be huge fans of a great industry. I also thought it was a good chance for WWE to prove to the world it wasn't a bunch of Steroided up men, throwing eachother around and cutting eachother open. The PG era showed that this was not the case and the stereotype could be broken.

This said however, I for one am sick and tired of second rate storylines thrown together at the last minute by a sloppy and somewhat lazy creative team, storylines which are then lowered even further by the fact that they aren't allowed to actually do something in the match that portrays the hate and emotion between the two enemies. Look at Nexus, one amazing angle, however because they decided it was still somewhat neccessary to make John Cena look better, they lost all steam and momentum and are now at major turning point. Either they lose to John Cena and get disbanded, ending what could have been the saviour of 2010 in wrestling or Nexus wins and the ULTRA babyface John Cena turns heel and re-ignites a massive interest in WWE. Imagine this coupled with a TV-14 rating, how amazing could that angle be!

To me, It looks like WWE couldn't be in a a more necessary time to change its image. Not only that but WWE seems to be in a 'perfect' position to do it. Look at it, the most extreme match in WWE history is on a PPV dedicated to it on Sunday, there is an Anti-Hero world champion who goes around kicking people in the head and who definitely has the charisma and ability to carry the newly found image, the potential Heel turn of the top baby-face EVER and Smackdown's change over to SyFy which would easily allow room for an image change. It seems the setting couldn't be better for a complete over-haul of WWE reminiscent of the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression. If WWE still wanted to try and attract children to the company then why not keep Smackdown PG and have one show family friendly and another more adult orientated? This would give WWE the best of both, I mean Smackdown is awesome at the minute even with the ageing PG rating.

The final thing I want to mention is probably somewhat less important and imperative than my other thoughts but I believe over time WWE needs to bring in new main-eventers instead of constantly having the same champions throw the belt between each other. Maybe not straight away, but gradually they should begin to mix it up a bit. In doing this they will allow themselves much more room to breath in the creative department and many more potentially great angles and amazing matches that can be produced.

With all this said, I really do think its imperative WWE does something very soon to bring itself back to the level it once was. I don't want to see the company I love die and I believe you all share my thoughts on this. I'm fed up of seeing 'RAW Posts low numbers' and 'PPV hit with disappointing buy rates' every time I go on a Wrestling site, It's time WWE got up, dusted itself off and brings back the edgy and attractive entertainment that it once was! I really hope it does, or I'm afraid this could be the beginning of the end.

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment and discuss the issues and opinions I raised!