WWE Hall of Fame: Once an Honor To Accept, Now a Fee To Get In?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2010

When I was a little kid I remember what the WWE Hall of Fame was. It was a place where the immortals were forever remembered as the best of the best in the WWE. I remember all the greats who had been entered at the time. From Buddy Rodgers to Bret "Hit Man" Hart there was no doubt that these guys deserved such a great honor.

Now as we get a little more into the future, it turns out the HOF is just a sham. An insult to the guys who once worked their ass off to be one of the legends to enter this shrine of excellence.

Pete Rose and William Perry. Baseball and football's best, not the WWE's. Yeah, Perry threw out two future Hall of Famers at the Royal Rumble, but look at the guy, I would have hoped he could have gotten one. Hell, Maven eliminated The Undertaker does that mean we should put him in the Hall of Fame too?

Pete Rose. I mean what has he done in the WWE. Made a few appearances at Wrestlemania? Wow, good job there buddy. I am not trying to dog the guy because he was the best hitter in MLB, but again really? Just because one Hall of Fame wont let you in doesn't mean you go to a place where your name could.

Now what about all the other wrestlers who gave their life, body, and world to this sport for five, 10, even 20 years and get passed up for a guy who just appears at a few Wrestlemanias?

Not cool at all.

WWE, I am asking you, don't put Tim Tebow, Shaq, or Albert Pujols in the WWE Hall of Fame. Just because they are big in other sports does NOT mean they should be in unless they give the same amount of effort every other WWE wrestler has.

I swear if someone else gets in the HOF who does not deserve it and someone like Y2J, HHH, Christian, Edge (or both) or any other great does not go I will stop watching forever.

So now let's think about a few that should be in. The very first people that pop into my mind are the Dudley Boyz, or how about Mick Foley. You know, guys that actually helped the business and brought fans in every week, not just for one show.

I hate to say this for all the greats that gave the company their all every day, the WWE Hall of Fame doesn't mean what it used to anymore. It is a shame. I hear Vince is even bribing people with an entry into the HOF too, that may be just a rumor but it is what I heard.

Do you guys think the WWE Hall of Fame is still great or is it not what it used to be?