BLAH BLAH BLAH Blair Betts! Get the Facts Straight!!!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2008


Blair Betts, Blair Betts, Blair Betts, give me a break!  Why is it that Ranger fans settle for the garbage on the bottom of the litter box?  They have guys like Blair Betts and expect to win!

He blocks shots.  Wow!  So did Straka, Drury, Callahan, and Shanahan, along with hundreds of other hockey players that can actually put the puck in the net.  Well, he did get that one empty netter.  So I guess we should keep him around !

That is right you guessed it, I am not a Blair Betts fan.  No secret there!

When was the last time you saw him fight?  Never!

How many times do you see him check someone?  Hardly ever.

I mean how can you even call this guy a defensive forward when he hardly ever checks anyone.  When he has 91 checks in 75 games and ranks 171st in that category, the Rangers should be considering the other 170 guys have same checking numbers with fewer games played.

How many checks does he have a game?  Not even like 1 ½ checks a game.  Yeah, great defensive forward.  The best.  Oh did I forget to mention he is ranked 159th in face offs with a 50% win ratio.  

Just out-standing!

But he is a very good defensive forward, always in the right position.  Yeah to check someone he never does, which cause what could of been a 3 on 2 if he checked them.  It then turns into a 4 on 2 in the Rangers Zone.

Yeah I’ll stick up for him too.  NOT!

Everyone thinks this guy is a defensive forward, but he clearly is not.

You want the breakdown on Betts - I'm gonna give it to you.  Lets see who can handle the truth and who can’t .

He was a second round pick, 33rd overall in 1998.  Only 33rdoverall, that is pretty damn awesome, especially looking at who was in that draft - Scotty Gomez, Damitri Kalinin, Martin Skoula, Manny Maholtra (who was supposed to be really good at that time), Simon Gagne, Alex Tanguay, Vincent Lcavalier, if my memory is correct.

Jonathan Cheechoo and Mike Ribeiro were there to and they got picked after Betts .

His first year in the AHL he scored 22 goals with 19 assists in 34 games.  Those are some good numbers.  After that he went to the World Hockey League.

1st year 12 goals 18 assists in 58 games

2nd year 35 goals with 41 assists in 71 games

3rd year 20 goals 22 assists in 42 games

4th year 24 goals 35 in 44 games

5thyear 13 goals 15 assists in the AHL 75 games

Proving he isn't a stranger to putting the puck in net and can be a 20 goal a year player.

 Some would say he was lighting it up over there.  And for the most part he was.  He wasn’t considered a defensive forward, when signed by the Flames.  They were looking for goals out of him.  But when he got his chance in Calgary, he didn’t do as well.

In 20 games he only got 1 goal with 2 assists.  His first legitimate chance and he got to play in 20 games. Ok no big deal, first NHL season.  Played 20 games.  Right.

Yeah well, if this was one of the Rangers picks, he would of have been booed off the ice.  Would have been told that he doesn’t have what it takes and would have been sent down to where he would still be today, or traded.

So don’t sit there shaking your heads, because you know I am right.  Look at Manny Maholtra and Jamie Lundmark for example.

I do give him a little credit.  He sacrifices he body for peanuts compared to other players that play.  He is good at that.  Yes.  To an extent.  But man.  You are 6'3, 210 lbs then put a damn check on someone and toughen up.

You want to like him for blocking shots, be my guest.  Yes I know all to well it hurts.  Its regocnized!  He is an OK defensive player and that is at his best.  He made a fairly good adjustment to become that - and that is all the credit I will give him.

OK.  Maybe he didn’t have the right guys with him on the 4th line.  After thinking this one through, I don’t think that is the case.  They created tons of scoring chances last year.  They just couldn’t get the job done.

But maybe that is the case. OK, I’ll give you that.  But now he has new linemates to play with.  Lets see what he does with it.  And if he does nothing, then lets see what the Betts fanatics excuses will be then.

But some Ranger fans want to act like he is the best guy for the job when he isn’t . They will argue till their blue in the face.  To prove some meaningless point, like it makes him a better player then he is.  If he was so good at his job, he would be getting more money as well .

We could have went after Bobby Holik, at least you know he is good for 15-20 goals a year, he checks, is very good on defense and faceoffs, and will drop the gloves in a heart beat. Never mind he is way better then Betts on his worst day.

Vaclav Prospal, Daymond Langkow, or Marty Reasoner - I mean at least he can get 8 - 10 goals a year.  Josef Vasicek, who I believe hasn’t signed yet with anyone is 6' 5, 210 - 215 lbs and is a beast when it comes to checking.

And those are just some centers that were out there and are all better then Betts, I did’t even look at the wingers that we could have picked up. And if anyone says they rather have Betts then anyone of the guys I just listed, your straight up lying and or crazy.

If your happy with a guy that can score 20 or more goals a year but only score 2 or 9, then hey you can settle for the crap and don't cry when they lose.  Not me though , I want the best .

You ask - "Why is he picking on poor Betts?"  I’m not.  I am giving you the straight up truth.  I also stated in another of my articles he is in the best position to improve this year with his new linemates.  And I hope he does .

I am a huge fan of Zherdev (no secret there either) and I will say the same for him and I have.  I am not happy with a guy, no matter how much I like him.  If he scores 25 goals every year, when I know, if this guy gets his head out of his ass, loses the attitude, and works harder, he can score 40 - 50 goals.

No I am not happy with him and he is one of my favorite players.  I watched this kid since his debut.  So no, I am not picking on Betts.  I’m just telling it like it is.

Bottom line is - I'm giving it to you straight up.  I don’t hold back on anything or anyone.  Including my favorites, Betts needs to starts scoring or the Rangers need to get rid of him.

Rephrase that - this guy starts checking more (a lot more), and maybe gets into a few fights, really lets his presence know on the ice and puts in 10 goals - then OK, keep him.

If not - get rid of him!

There are just to many players out there better then him to even want to keep him around.




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