Chicago White Sox in the Olympics: What Events Would They Compete In?

JJ SSenior Writer IAugust 15, 2008

With 2008 being the last year baseball will be played in the Olympics, MLB players (who couldn't even play in the Olympics anyways, as baseball is one of the few sports that still prohibits professionals from competing) will have to look to other events if they wish to win a medal for their country.


Synchronized diving: Orlando Cabrera (Colombia) and Nick Swisher (USA)

Cabrera and Swisher have a perfectly choreographed handshake/high five/dance after one of them hits a home run. It begins with a couple of hand slaps and ends with a Captain Morgan pose—and, although they're from different countries, hopefully the IOC would bend their rules so these two could do the Captain Morgan off the diving platform.


Beach volleyball: Jermaine Dye (USA) and Adam Russell (USA)

Can you imagine the dominance a 6'5" Dye and a 6'8" Russell would have on beach volleyball? With their height, nobody would be able to get anything by them on the net. Mobility might be an issue, but Dye has shown that he's still pretty good at leaving his feet to make diving plays.

With Russell at the net and Dye in the back, this pair would be dominant.


50 kilometer walk: Jim Thome (USA)

Thome has walked 1,528 times in his career—good for just over 26 miles of strolling to first base. Essentially, he's been conditioning himself for the 50 km walk his entire career. His 500+ career home runs were nothing but a decoy.


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