SEC Football: Which Undefeated Team Is The Most Overrated?

James Walker@BRJamesWalkerAnalyst IIOctober 1, 2010

SEC Football: Which Undefeated Team Is The Most Overrated?

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    We are four games into the 2010 season, and there are four teams that are undefeated in the SEC—three in the Western Division (Alabama, Auburn, and LSU) and one in the Eastern Division (Florida).

    Going in to the season the West was considered the tougher division, but now it has been confirmed.  That being said, which, if any of the undefeated teams are overrated and misrepresented by their overall records?

    Let's ascertain and rank the undefeated SEC teams in order of frailty.

No. 4: Alabama Crimson Tide

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    The defending SEC and National Champions are by far the best of the undefeated teams.  However, Arkansas manipulated the Tide's secondary for three quarters before Alabama's defense forced Ryan Mallett to make some poor decisions.

    So far, Alabama is ranked No. 6 in the nation for Total Offense, and No. 24 in Total Defense.  Breaking down the defense, the Tide's rushing defense is ranked No. 27 giving up 106.5 yards/game, and passing defense is ranked No. 52 due to a young but maturing secondary giving up 188.75 yards/game.

    Until they are defeated and remain No. 1 in the AP and USA Today Coaches Polls, they are the best in the SEC.

No. 3: Florida Gators

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    To say that Florida may have woken from an offensive slumber would be an understatement.  The Gators introduced Trey Burton, a true freshman, to Kentucky, the SEC, and the nation last weekend against the Wildcats.

    The Gators struggled on offense against Miami of Ohio, USF, and Tennessee before possibly finding their identity.  The question now remains: Will the Florida Gators go into Tuscaloosa this weekend and compete against the Crimson Tide of Alabama?

    We shall see.

    Right now, the Gators are ranked No. 78 in Total Offense, but No. 26 in Total Defense.  Their passing offense is ranked No. 90 with 185.5 yards/game, and their rushing offense is No. 47 in the nation with an average of 170.25 yards/game.

    Passing Defense: 201.5 yards/game given up, but leads the nation with interceptions with 12.  Rushing Defense: No. 13 ranking giving up 94 yards/game on the road.  Against Alabama that statistic will be severely tested.

    Too many weapons on offense especially now that it seems to be clicking, and the defense is quicker than most offenses.

No. 2: Auburn Tigers

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    Does Auburn fan who booed the arrival of head coach Gene Chizik feel bad yet? 

    They should.

    Auburn, riding on the performance of former Florida Gator Cameron Newton, is contending for the SEC Western Division where Arkansas was the early favorite to do the same thing until Alabama broke the Razorbacks' hearts last weekend.

    The Iron Bowl later this season should be an epic showdown.

    Auburn is now ranked No. 17 in Total Offense, and No. 61 in Total Defense.  Passing Defense has the Tigers ranked No. 93 giving up 244.25 yards/game through the air, while giving up 106.5 yards/game against the run and tied with Alabama for No. 27 in rushing defense.

    The ace-in-the-hole for Auburn is the aforementioned Cameron Newton.  Right now, Gator fans want to ask him: "Why did you buy that stolen laptop, Cameron, and get yourself suspended, which lead to your transfer to Binn College, and now Auburn?"

    Take away Newton, and Auburn becomes a totally different team.

No. 1: LSU Tigers

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    The most overrated team in the SEC easily is the LSU Tigers.  There are one-loss teams that are better than LSU: South Carolina Gamecocks and Arkansas Razorbacks.

    Les Miles, the mad hatter himself, came in to the 2010 season on the hot seat.  Known for several blunders in the 2009 season, Miles tried his absolute best to give away the opening game of the season to North Carolina in the Georgia Dome for the Kickoff Classic.

    LSU's offense continues to struggle behind quarterback Jordan Jefferson, but defense and special teams have kept the Tigers competitive.

    Offensively, LSU's is ranked No. 102 in Total Offense, but in Total Defense they are ranked No. 9.  That is a big reason why LSU is still undefeated.  Special Teams has also played a big role.

    LSU's next game is against Tennessee in Baton Rouge.  This will be a close game, and don't be surprised if the Volunteers leave with a victory.