What Went Wrong With Chris Harris?

Nicholas GrassoContributor IAugust 15, 2008

Only two televised matches into his WWE career, "Wildcat" Chris Harris was released as part of a massive purge last week by the WWE.  A great worker his character, or lack of one, Braden Walker on ECW was awkward from the start and I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that Harris' WWE career would be over before it really began. 

Harris was a decorated talent in TNA as half of the tag team America's Most Wanted along with "Cowboy" James Storm.  He is a TNA original, working for the company from day one until his decision to sign a developmental deal with WWE earlier this year, and was occasionally in the World Title hunt too. He left TNA after creative decided to break up America's Most Wanted and could not come up with a storyline to put Harris into. WWE's interest in Harris along with his lack of a storyline, push or future in TNA allowed him to take a chance with WWE. 

After months of training and work in the WWE developmental, Harris debuted under the moniker Braden Walker on ECW.  He looked out of place from the start it immediately looked to this writer like he was completely out of place.  After an awkward 5 minutes or so of generic, dark-match wrestling, the gave a mild TNA chant and Walker walked through the curtain into an unknown future. One promo with Matt Hardy and one more awkward match later, Harris was given his "best wishes with his future endeavors" and was out of a job.

Harris deserves another shot with TNA.  His former partner, James Storm and Robert Roode are the current TNA Tag Champs and TNA creative could easily weave him into the storyline and even possibly re-unite arguably the greatest tag team in TNA history. While it remains to be seen if he does return, or if TNA even wants him back, it would be a shame if Harris doesn't get another shot.  

While this may just seem like another TNA wrestler who gets misused and discarded by the WWE, it really isn't.  Harris is a world class talent who, if he was given even a little bit of a push in WWE, could have been an IC or US Title contender.  It seems that WWE stole one of America's Most Wanted's lines when it comes to Harris' short-lived tenure...

Sorry 'bout your damn luck.