SyFy: A Chance For Jack Swagger To Easily Get Into The Main Event

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIISeptember 30, 2010

Swagger As Champion!
Swagger As Champion!

As many of you may already know, the "All American American", Jack Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion. He had a decent reign and a decent push until he lost the title to Rey Mysterio. He did get his rematch as any champion would at the Money in the Bank PPV, but he lost. Kane won MiTB and cashed in on Rey Mysterio after Swagger had faced him a few moments ago. Kane won and the next week Swagger wanted a title shot. He had a small feud with Mysterio and they eventually fought in a Gulf of Mexico match where Swagger was thrown into the recently cleaned from oil, Gulf of Mexico.

After that moment, Swagger's opportunity to be champion once again was washed away in the Gulf of Mexico. Swagger has then been lost in the upper midcard for Smackdown and he hasn't even seen signs of a future title shot. He is currently at a CM Punk level, where both are great heels but don't get featured in the main event. Swagger has had to job to MVP,Kofi,etc. and he has also had to watch his "dad" suffer a Chokeslam from Kane and a "Paydirt" from MVP. Swagger has had no direction for now but he still has a ray of hope for his career.

Swagger has promised that he will make an impact during Smackdown's debut or at least I hope he does, because Smackdown will be live at his hometown of Oklahoma. Smackdown being LIVE and in his hometown almost guarantee that something big is going to happen involving Jack Swagger

Nexus is coming and so is John Cena, but does this mean that Swagger will do something with them. Who knows, but knowing WWE he is mostly likely going to cut a heel promo and have a match against some midcarder.

Hopefully this does not happen because Smackdown is having a special episode and it is possibly a chance for Swagger to get back into the main event scene. He may get involved with Nexus and Cena, Kane and Undertaker, or even bringing in a group of his own(Michael McGillicutty's "Genesis" anyone,or was that just something to fill in time.) He hopefully makes some kind of impact at the live Smackdown episode because there are many ways for him to be correctly featured in the main event and not just someone in the midcard who was once a champion.

Personally,I would prefer for Swagger to team up with Punk and make a team with him since both are main event stars in the midcard level.

Swagger could easily get back into the main event on Smackdown, all he has to do is follow the script, which may be good since it is a special night for Smackdown.