Lunacy Prevails: Gate 21 Joins the 2008 College Football BlogPoll

lawvol gate21.netSenior Analyst IAugust 14, 2008

Well, given the complete lack of discretion of the powers that be, Gate 21 has been offered the opportunity to participate in the National College Football BlogPoll which is orchestrated by Brian over at the MGOBlog.  I know that some people are not a fan of Brian or his blog, but the BlogPoll sounded like fun, and I am always a fan of riding the coattails of others due to my complete lack of talent as a blogger.  You can read about the philosophy of the BlogPoll over on the MGOBlog.  This year the BlogPoll includes a few other faces from around this neck of the woods who you can also check out from time to time, including:  Fulmer’s Belly and Rocky Top Talk (both of whom will be representing the Tennessee Volunteers along with yours truly) and Crimson Daddy over at 3SIB (who will be representing the Alabama Crimson Tide).

The way that the BlogPoll is supposed to work is that, during the season, ballots are due on Wednesday of each week.  Each of us pollsters have been strongly encouraged, however, to post our preliminary poll a few days before (ideally on Monday) to allow all of you out there in the blogosphere to comment on our vote, tell us what freakin’ morons we are, and generally try to convince us to change our minds.  In my case bribes work best and no reasonable offer will be turned away.

I do consider it a real privilege to participate — especially considering what an incompetent blowhard I am — and therefore will be trying my best to vote free from bias, and will try to be serious in my selections.  That said, I am always willing to listen to differing perspectives and thoughts from either of you out there that actually read this rag.

As a general rule, preseason polls are — in the words of former Vice President John Nance Garner when describing his post as second-in-command — “not worth a bucket of warm piss.“  This is largely due to the fact that such polls are based on speculation, hearsay, rumors, prognostications, and other unreliable and flimsy information.  Given the fact that I am a lawyer (or “evidence manipulation specialist” as my friend  Bryan Grantham refers to it) I feel right at home with the idea of trying to make an argument without a single shred of support.

Bearing that in mind, here it is:

(Preliminary) Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

1Georgia 25
2Ohio State 24
3Southern Cal 23
4LSU 22
5Florida 21
6Clemson 20
7Oklahoma 19
8Auburn 18
9Kansas 17
10Penn State 16
11Texas 15
12Missouri 14
13Tennessee 13
14Wisconsin 12
15Oregon 11
16Illinois 10
17Colorado 9
18Alabama 8
19Arizona State 7
20Wake Forest 6
21Boise State 5
22Florida State 4
23Michigan 3
24West Virginia 2
25South Florida 1

Others Considered: South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Rutgers

Tell me I’m a moron — I’ll probably agree…

– Go Figure …Email lawvol

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