The WWE Directive: Why WWE Fan Favorites Don't Get Their Pushes!

Mike AKA the ProfessorCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

There are many reporters, analysts and opinionated journalists who have tried to understand the reasoning behind these story lines on WWE's various program formats. Time after time, Creative have enticed the WWE Universe with a few potential gems. A Prime example was” The Invasion by NXT Season One Rookies” called the” Nexus”.

This scenario had a NWO like feel with awesome potential and yet somehow the story line has been sidetracked! Through Creatives ineptitude, the story line has been utterly mishandled, lost all sense of direction and its drive. Chalk up another all too familiar Creative “Modus Operandi” with “Defeat snatched from the Jaws of Victory”.

 I, for one, have looked further at the direction taken with these seeming blunders and gaffs.Why so many? Were the Creative writers really this bad? Or was there something else? I looked deeper ! Suddenly there it was!! I found myself, in possession of a startling revelation.

Upon serious reflection and given the facts as found in my article entitled “The Professor's Journal” part 3 :“What happen to the Wrestling in the WWE?” here is what I've deduced. The Real Reason many of our favorites are being passed over is what I refer to as “The WWE Directive”. Ever since the start of “the Attitude Era “ the emphasis on Pro Wrestling” has changed.. 

To those old enough to remember!! The “Golden Age of Professional Wrestling” was 1950's and 1960's. Television was a new media medium then, despite being exclusively in black and white. Broadcasts in Color would come in the late 60's and early 70's. Pro Wrestling was at the peak of its Glory. It lent itself as being a form that was ideal for the small screen television back then. 

The many various promotions vied hungrily for the new audiences. Many local stations, along with many newly emerging networks carried these heroes and heroines of the squared circle. Professional Wrestling was starting to make inroads in the culture of our western civilization. It was moving away from its circus, country fair side-show roots. 

Suddenly names like Orville Brown, Verne Gagne, the original "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers Gorgeous George, Bruno Sammartino, Edouard Carpentier, Jacques Rougeau Sr and Killer Kowalski just to name a few, would highlight TV’s on the various channels and promotions. 

That is a far cry from the mind numbing tripe we are force-fed by WWE programing. Unfortunately the perceived alternative is TNA’s version of “America's Least Wanted" and "Bloopers Out takes”!

Real "Choice" is severely limited for those without internet access.  For those lucky souls, with high-speed connections, there is “Indie” or the Independent Pro Wrestling circuit. While there are many small promotions spread out around our globe, “Ring of Honor” is one of the better examples of quality wrestling to be found.


The reason I bring this up is simply to remind my readers that WWE is "Not interested" in promoting nor advancing “Wrestling” in its programing anymore.It now uses a watered down, stunt driven, cleverly disguised impersonation to be passed off as “Pro Wrestling” but as stated by the WWE management and staff, they are “In the Entertainment Business”. The use of wrestling has been steadily reduced from their actual programing.

 If you think that I'm kidding, then checkout the various move sets for all current" Superstars" on You-tube before they became famous on WWE. Also why are the men referred to as “Superstars” and the women as "Divas"not “Wrestlers”? That is the way that WWE has begun the subtle process of distancing themselves from its Pro Wrestling past. 

Why all the subtle, elaborate distancing, you may ask? Perhaps VKM felt that "Pro Wrestling" had let him down. Maybe Vince is tired of his family's "Pro wrestling roots"! What about those recent revelations of Drug and Alcohol Abuses! The Scandals ! The Implications ! The Innuendos! Could it be he doesn't want his family name mired in connection with the untimely deaths of "Wrestlers" ? 

Vince nearly lost the Monday Night War to "WCW" with a head to head “Mano-A-Mano” Wrestling showdown approach. When he changed the emphasis to that of an Adult rated “Attitude Era” based “Entertainment” versus “Wrestling”, he not only gain back his dominance but eventually squashed all opposition.

Now, with his wife Linda, running for political office, the emphasis to remain PG requires more show and less violence. That means that the WWE pro wrestling part had to be sanitized, repackaged and without, blood, profanity, scandals etc…..

Any hint of potential trouble is dealt with swiftly and decisively. Not that such vigilance is necessarily a bad thing for the profession. The problem is the previously skilled wrestling moves we had tuned in to see, are being curtailed, as well.

 The truly skilled wrestlers are being penalized for doing what they do best. Unable to really showcase their abilities to the world, their fans, what now? What they trained so hard to accomplish, all the hours of honing their craft, Done? 

When Talent such as Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Chavo Guerrero, Evan Bourne and John Morrison are reduced to mid carding or jobbing just to remain employed. When fan favorites like Matt Hardy, Edge, Melina,  Beth Phoenix and others have to hurry back from injuries or wrestle hurt, for fear of losing their place in the pecking order. Then Something Is Seriously Wrong!!

Over the last ten years WWE has branched out with interests in all sorts of other areas, not wrestling related. Don't believe me? Stop and think for a moment!! Look at all the WWE merchandising, music and video distribution. Even main stream Motion Pictures have been within their reach. These too have been added to their list of endeavors. 

The number of PPV's and DVDs have increased steadily and even toy company co-productions are seen with Mattel a willing participant. The move towards more “Entertainment” venues only strengthens the shifting away from “Wrestling”.

In conclusion rumors about a WWE network are steadily growing. I recently commented on some IWC members articles and it hit me. The newer WWE fans are being misled into believing that what they see on their television sets and at the Live Shows is "Wrestling."

Sadly the Truth is that, unless these young fans learn about "Indies" and watch "You-tube," their only concept of "Pro Wrestling" will forever be, simply “Entertainment”!! But then that is only my point of view! What do you Think? What's your opinion?

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