Chinese Gymnasts: Super Babies Able To Destroy The World's Finest Athletes

J. Michael MorrisSenior Analyst IAugust 14, 2008

I've seen her, the Chinese gymnast is definitely pre-pubescent. Probably closer to 10 than 16. Chinese women are known to be petite, but this is obvious. Nobody doubts that government officials in China would do absolutely anything to win gold. But there is one huge pink 500 pound gorilla-elephant hybrid without the emperor's clothes on in this Olympic room. I mean besides my mixed metaphors.

Why is the world whining about it?

So, China sent their best Olympians, and they happen to be children who are still missing some baby teeth. This cannot be an advantage. In every other so-called sport in existence this could not be considered an advantage. Normally things like physical strength, mental and emotional maturity, and experience are advantages when competing.

I guess the argument is that younger children with less weight and size can flip, spin, and swing their diminutive bodies more easily than a fully developed woman. Really, Kari Shrug was a fully developed woman? What about the men, seems like they are pretty bulky and can rotate with the best of them.

I actually heard one announcer say that the young children are less affected by the pressure of the situation. Idiotic. By that theory the U.S.junior golf champion should beat Tiger Woods. To continue the golf comparison, rules are rules however. I compare this controversy to an unsigned scorecard disqualifying a Master's champion. It is a rule, and should be followed, but offers no advantage to the rule breaker.

In my estimation competing against children in the Olympics is a massive advantage. If it actually is a physical advantage, maybe it is a ridiculous endeavor anyway and should be discontinued. Here's a great sport, the more you practice and work and develop your skill, the worse chance there is of winning. Maybe this could be offset with some head games and trash talk by the Americans or Russians. My kids pee themselves if a big kid on the school bus even looks at them.

If you need an excuse to lose, keep worrying about the Chinese gymnasts' ages. If you actually are the finest gymnasts in the world, shut-up and prove it.