Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Recap

Todd MorseAnalyst IAugust 14, 2008

Toronto, ON...Canada (yes, Toronto, well, really its from my couch, but whatever) - Ho hum.  Exhibition Football is awful. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? That isn't exactly the question as the Bills played (they're probably still playing, I switched to the Olympics, Misty May is so awesome) the Steelers from Skydome tonight, but its close.  The echoing of the music in Skydome is freaky deaky like studio 54. 

I'm not going to talk aboot Ted Rogers, the future implications of what this game, this series or playing in Skydome means.  I don't care, I just like the Bills.  If they leave, I can let them go. 

[Insert clever segue to make this less awkward here]

The Bills are scoring points.  Everyone overreact.  Maybe the Steelers are going to be bad?  Did I mention this is preseason exhibition football?  In Canadia?

Trent Edwards let his cannon loose tonight, whats that aboot?  He hit Robert Royal for two for toochdowns.  That will be the most Royal sees the endzone all year.  The Bills have been running effectively, Jason Peters must be scared now knowing the Bills are so stubborn they are going to let rookie, and fellow Razorback, steal his roster spot.  Yeah right. 

Leodis McKelvin to the hoose! Kid has skills, how are they going to use him, McGee and Parrish on returns effectively? McSpecial Teams is going to be scary.

Ashton Youboty and George Wilson are terrible, please cut them.

Limas Sweed can't catch, Bills made the right pic, oh wait, they threw to him again, yes he can. 

Remember that youtube video of Xavier Omon where he looked so much bigger than the players he was playing against?  He looks tiny here.  Guess the NFL is a little different than D-III.  Cut that guy.  Cut Matt Baker, too, Gibran Hamdan is fine. 

Steve Tasker is a terrible human being and needs to shut his trap. 

Overall analysis:

Its exhibition season, its terrible football.  Don't get too excited.  They'll probably look bad next week. 

Mary Carillo's stories are amazing on NBC.  I love them. If you're still watching the game in the fourth quarter and not watching the Olympics, its a sad sad day for you.  Limas Sweed really can't catch.  If Michael Phelps didn't exist Misty May would be getting so much press it wouldn't be funny.  Seriously.  I wouldn't be laughing.  But Michael Phelps does exist, so I laugh at the irony.  Like Dave Coulier.

Stop reading this, Michael Phelps is on in less than an hour.