MLB: Another attempt for Instant Replay after Delgado Home Run called Foul

Walker McKeoughContributor IAugust 14, 2008

Should Instant Replay be allowed in Major League Baseball?     

           One of the most controversial issues in Major League Baseball and many other sports is whether instant replay should be allowed.  This topic has been debated ever since this technology has become available.  But I believe that instant replay should be allowed in Major League Baseball. 

           Anyone who watched the Yankees and Mets series earlier this year remembers one specific umpire mistake.  On this play a home run hit by Carlos Delgado was called a home run originally, and correctly.  This play was as borderline as a home run could be.  When Delgado hit the ball it began a sharp left curve towards the left field foul pole.  When it landed in the seats, most of us watching the game on T.V. weren't even sure if the hit was fair or foul.  After a couple of replays on the T.V., everyone watching was sure that the ball had hit the bottom corner of the foul pole.  Initially the play was called correctly a home run by third base umpire Mike Reilly.  Soon after his call was heard Derek Jeter and Yankee's manager Joe Girardi began to argue the call.   As soon as Girardi ran up the steps Mets manager Willie Randolph joined in the conversation.  After the argument from Girardi and Randolph were heard all four umpires joined together and consulted.  In the end home plate umpire overturned the call.  Some may argue that the play was over called just because the opposing team had hit such a borderline home run.  Many other people wonder whether the home plate umpire even had a view of the home run.  Anyway this prompted more argument from the Met's bench when they questioned why the home run call was overturned.  Eventually Jerry Manuel (Mets bench coach) was ejected, and no home run was awarded to Carlos Delgado.  Even though this call did not turn the tide of the game (the Mets won handily 15-6), it prompted a large question whether instant replay should be used. 

         Many managers would like to instate instant replay to fix close calls or game turning events.  Why should a team win a game on an umpires mistake?  Games should not be won by umpires mistakes.  Teams that deserve to win should win.  Game deciding calls should be guided by instant replay.  But the questions that come with this are, what if every play turns into an instant replay call?  The main problem of this technology is that it could be used to much in a game.  Therefore many want to have a specific amount of challenges a team could use in a game.  This would be similar to the NFL system, except the team wouldn't be penalized with a timeout if incorrect.  I think that instant replay will show what the right call is, even if the umpire doesn't.