WWE: Summer Slam Predictions.

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IAugust 14, 2008

Okay here is my Summer Slam Previews and Predictions:


Shawn Michaels' announcement:

Shawn probably will say he has decided to retire then I look for Jericho to come out and tell him he did the right thing and show some video package in his memory. Jericho will then talk some smack and HBK will get tired of hit and super kick his ass and say hes staying in the WWE.  


Kofi Kingston & Mickie James Vs. Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella:

Okay so the rule is that which ever team wins gets both the Women's Championship and the Intercontinental Championship. Beth and Santino have been getting allot of air time lately and I see them winning and becoming Raw's power couple and help each other win matches. I would be very surprised to see Kofi and Mickie win here.


MVP Vs. Jeff Hardy:

Ahh yes. The good old fashion grudge match. No hype. No elaborate storyline. Just two guys who don't like each other going at it with all they got. Nothings better. Both could use a PPV win. Seeing as how neither have been up to much since draft time. I look for Jeff to win due to MVP having his number lately. I look for this to be a good match that will unfortunately be out shined by Taker vs. Edge and Cena vs. Batista.


Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy:

I think putting the ECW title on Matt Hardy is a great idea, but not yet and I sure hope WWE dosen't do it Sunday. Let Henry dominate everybody for say.....until at least November then let someone upset him. I see Mark Henry dominating Matt for most of the match and then look for Matt to make a comeback only to be torn apart for the 3 count by the "World's Strongest Champion".


World Heavyweight Championship Match:

CM Punk and JBL should have a good match with one another. JBL works well with guys smaller and faster than him (look at Eddie and Rey). I'm hoping for a clean pin for Punk so maybe he can finally look like the top dog on Raw instead of still being out shined by The two men in the next match.


John Cena Vs. Batista:

This is any ones guess. I think Batista could use the win more than Cena, but I'm looking for a DQ/Count Out ending which is really disappointing for a match that was suppose to be the match of the decade two or three years ago. However it ends it gonna be awesome while it lasts. Screw the crappy build up I just want to see these guys go at it.


WWE Championship Match:

I honestly had no idea who Triple H was facing at Summer Slam until I looked at the Smackdown spoilers last night. The Great Kahli will be challenging "The Game" this Sunday in a match that looks bad on paper, but I'm willing to be it will be better than anyone is expecting. I've heard stuff about how Triple H wants time off to spend with his family so this ones a shot in the dark. I'm saying Triple H retains. If WWE wanted to get the belt off HHH they would have put the belt on Edge last month so I'm saying the "The Game" win here.


Hell in a Cell:

I look for this to be one of the best (if not the best) gimmick matches of the year. Edge is the hardcore king and Undertaker more less created Hell in a Cell. If they give them 20-30 minutes here this match will be one of the best matches of the year. I hope they don't throw anyone off any roofs. I wouldn't be surprised to see "Miss' Foley's baby boy" get involved as Edge tore him to pieces on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago. This is defiantly the big selling point of Summer Slam and its going to be off the charts.


Well What ever happens this Sunday I'm going to be pleased as I'm buying Summer Slam on PPV this year. Threes allot going on and I can't wait to watch it all unfold. See you Sunday.