WWE vs. MMA: Cities Allow Brutal Illusion, but Not UFC?

Tyson HarrisCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2008

First of all, this is my first article and I hope everyone enjoys reading, responding, and debating the topic. 

Now, I was inspired to write this article because I think that certain cities have their priorities mixed up. I am referring to this article in the Vancouver Sun.

I find it stupid that wrestling (WWE) is welcomed with open arms into Vancouver almost yearly, but MMA will not even be taken seriously by city officials.

In wrestling we have a bunch of guys running around in underwear or tights, dropping each other on their heads, jumping off huge cages, and potentially putting their lives at risk in every act. This gives the false impression that hitting someone with a baseball bat wrapped with barbwire, or hitting someone with a metal chair, as well as many different types of weaponry is okay.

Another false image they show is that kids' favourite stars always come back the next week, sometimes without even a scratch, after having been brutally assaulted. These performers seem almost to be superhuman.

I can remember being a small child thinking that wrestling was real. My buddies and I used to love the dramatic violence and attempted to act it out in the schoolyard.

So not only is wrestling teaching kids that you will not get seriously hurt if you get hit or hit someone else with a ball bat, but it also teaches them that it is okay to fight with weapons like a coward would.

As I got older I came to find out that wrestling was fake; it was all a scripted act. This screwed me up a little, kind of broke my heart.

Now if you compare the two, there is just as much blood in WWE as MMA. Actually, I believe I have seen more in the WWE.

Also I believe more people have been killed or seriously hurt in Professional Wrestling. There have been multiple cases of substance abuse, a few deaths, and one murderous rampage that I know of, which stemmed from the "'roid abuse."

I have never heard of any kids killing their best buddy practicing an armbar or triangle choke, but I have heard of deaths and paralysis due to pile drivers, DDTs, and power bombs.

Wrestling also teaches kids not to listen to authority figures or officials.

On the WWE shows, how many times have you seen a wrestler punch out the ref in order to give his stable/teammate a chance to take a chair to their opponent?

How many times have you seen a wrestler ignore the order given by the official to quit stomping or choking their opponent in a corner of the ring? The ref has to give them a 10 count before the wrestler will finally stop. 

Such behavior, overlooked by the WWE, would not fly in an MMA match. MMA fighters have to listen to the official or they will have a point deduction which, if repeated, can lead to a disqualification.

Wrestling has so much negativity and it seems to get worse and worse, with shows selling sex more and more frequently. 

I think that any city that allows WWE or any other wrestling show to take place, but slams the door in the face of MMA is retarded and the people in charge of those cities need to get their heads checked.

As for myself. I personally would not allow my kids to watch something as negative as WWE, but would actually encourage them to get involved in martial arts. As well as being a negative influence on children, WWE is a disgrace and a fake as far as sports go.

Martial arts not only teach you how to defend yourself, they teach discipline, honour, self-respect, and respect for others while bringing together different cultures from all around the world.

To me martial arts are a thing of beauty, especially after a bout where you have two guys that just had a battle shake hands like men or even hug each other. MMA fighters take the loss or win and strive to be better, no matter which way the fight ends.

In WWE, if a guy loses he runs out to the ring the next week and assaults the guy he lost to the week before with a chair or a sledge hammer.

Why is WWE allowed in Vancouver while MMA is not?

It is beyond me, but I think certain city officials need to educate themselves and really think about what they do allow and which is actually worse.