Oh Canada!, Toronto Blue Jays' Promotional Blunders

Brandon HeikoopSenior Analyst IAugust 14, 2008

While in Beijing, Canadian Olympians are still without a medal. The baseball team, which I intend to cover in more detail in the coming days, has looked strong while playing in China and appears to be one of Canada's favorites to bring home a medal at this point.

That aside, this post is not about Team Canada, nor the Olympics. Rather, it's about Canada's Team, the Toronto Blue Jays, and worse yet, the Toronto Blue Jays' corporate staff—specifically those who operate the Ted Rogers Dome.

In visiting the Rogers Centre website to see where the seats of an upcoming ballgame I will be attending are (they were free) and picking the seats that I will be moving down to (or not, ROW 1?!?), I decided to flip through other pages on the website.

Note: The roof is currently closed. The page I ended was History & Renovations found under "About Rogers Centre." Why? Well I just wanted to see what changes Ted Rogers had made to the ballpark since buying it in 2005.

So what is the big deal? Why am I using this as the topic of choice in my comeback? Well, over on the History & Renovations page, there is what I will call a 'typically Toronto' picture.

To the dismay of some, no, there is not a recognizable Leafs fan present. But there is something similarly tormenting about this image. No, not the predominantly empty ballpark on what appears to be an absolutely gorgeous afternoon.

Derek Jeter played for the Jays? Or maybe Bobby Abreu has had a go of things in the great white north?

It isn't so much that there are Yankees fans present at the Jays' home ballpark. From my experiences (the Jake, Comerica, and the Dome), Yankee fans travel well. What is disturbing is that the Ted Rogers company, the one that owns the Jays and the ballpark, decided that using an imagine of a predominantly empty ballpark where apparently only Yankee fans were present.

At least someone feels at home in that dungeon!

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