Hantis: First Look at an Up and Coming New Sport

Tyler LittleContributor ISeptember 28, 2010

Hantis: First Look at an Up and Coming New Sport

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    Hantis Tourny
    Hantis Tourny

    What is Hantis?

    In a world where muscles and height have dominated sports, comes a new competition where cunning and skill reign supreme. Welcome to the world of Hantis -- the revolutionary, fast-paced table sport that is sweeping the nation. A team of two works together in order to strike their opponents’ table with a small ball called a “Loach” while defending their own tables. Players are allowed to use their hands and any other body part during a strike. A signature rule in the game allows a player to hit the ball twice during their offensive turn, creating the opportunity for unbelievable plays.

How Hantis Came To Be

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    A tricky shot to hopefully ruin the other team's flow
    A tricky shot to hopefully ruin the other team's flow

    Hantis, while being simple in its origins, has increased its competitiveness and complexity throughout the last five years. What started out as simple volleys between friends across four tables has transformed into undoubtedly the most exciting table sport in the world. While Hantis may seem like a hybrid of different sports, it is easy to see that there are elements to the game that make it entirely unique unto itself. Move over, “ping-pong.” Welcome to the future of table sports."

    Ping-pong is a game that has never reached its full potential. It is simply a smaller version of tennis. Why can’t a table sport be unique and fun for everyone? The creators of HANTIS® thought things needed to change. Using ping-pong as the foundation, let’s make things interesting and add a teammate to pass to and separate the tables so that there’s more room to move around. Let’s scrap the paddles and use any body part to hit the ball. For better control and longer volleys, all players should be allowed two hits.Now here is a table sport that looks more like the competitive sports that we know and love. Upon playing one will quickly realize that this is something completely new and exciting. The creators of HANTIS® challenge you to get some friends together, play, and give us one reason why it isn’t the king of table sports. "

Rules Of Hantis

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    An intense serve to kick off the match
    An intense serve to kick off the match

    Hantis Rulebook (short version).

    Four Tables are placed 3’-5’ (depending on skill level) apart in all directions.

    The tables can be placed on sand, grass, wood, concrete, asphalt, or synthetic surfaces.

    TwoTeams of two play against each other in one, three, five, or seven matches per game.

    A game is won when a team reaches 21 points, but they must win by 2.

    One person from each team comes together in the middle and faces off with rock, paper, scissors for first serve. During service, the ball must be struck on the server’s table (right table always).  The player serves five times, then a player from the other team gets five serves, back and forth.

    The ball must always be struck, never cupped or grabbed during play.  The ball can bounce off the walls, ceilings, or outside X-Factors with no penalty.

    Points are scored in 4 ways – by hitting a table twice before changing possession, hitting a table then hitting the ground, hitting a player three times before changing possession, or hitting a person then ground.

    Double points can be scored only when the ball hits both tables on a team consecutively, then hits ground.  Contact is allowed, but excessive roughness (equivalent to basketball refereeing) is called a penalty and the other team receives the point.

Getting Hantis Known Around The Country...then The World

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    A nice new set of Hantis© Tables
    A nice new set of Hantis© Tables

    In April and May of 2010, we sent 250 Action Packs to K-12 schools in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Minnesota, California, Montana, and New Mexico. 

    The Hantis Action Packs included a brochure with rules, 2 tennis balls, a dvd, and survey.Some of the responses we received were:

    "Ben,My name is Mike Strohecker. I teach Health and Physical Education at Canfield High School in Ohio. I recently received your email regarding Hantis and I replied so I could check out a potential new activity or game for my students. I got the package today and watched the DVD several times with some of my students. I have an "honors" P.E. called Advanced Competitive Team Sports. We were immediately curious and excited. I have to say that we had an absolute blast playing Hantis. I can definitely say that it will be a staple in my class, as I am going to introduce it to my Basic P.E. class tomorrow. As we played, many other students gathered around and there was a buzz as they asked what we were doing. I have a feeling this will catch on very quickly, especially here at Canfield. Thanks to you and your friends for coming up with a simple yet innovative and fun game. I love it. Thanks again.

    Mike Strohecker - Canfield Health and P.E. – Canfield, OH

    "I have only had the opportunity to teach the game to a small group at this point in time. It was received like any other game. Some kids loved it and some could take it or leave it. Some students have taught the game to their friends and they play during lunch time.  I am planning on using the game as a class activity next year. During some of our racquet sports units I have more students than I have space. I'll use Hantis for the extra students while they wait their turns for court space."

    Linda Mason - Union City High School – Union City, IN

    "Students are interested in starting a Hantis club. They seemed to enjoy it. Think it may be a FUTURE OLYMPIC SPORT."

    Larry Kahle - New Harmony High School – New Harmony, IN

    "We only had four tables (I'm going to find more), so I used the first session as a training time. Some of them got the idea and were beginning to use some strategies and make good use of their space and their partner. I plan to make this one of our activities when we have a "choice" day. I know some of the kids will really get into it. I'm hoping it will gain enough popularity to become a lunchtime activity. We have to play outdoors, which isn't as good as having walls nearby, but it works."

    Becky Pope - Anderson New Tech High – Anderson, CA

Olympic Bound?

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    An attempt to save a point
    An attempt to save a point

    Hantis was created in Kentucky by 30 high school students and is now a global phenomenon.

    Our business is in business strictly for the continuation of popularizing and monetizing the sport into a worldwide enterprise with the ultimate goal of applying for Olympic partnership once we’ve established leagues in 72 countries. We plan on running a federation of professional and amateur leagues around the world in conjunction with distributing the best Hantis equipment and merchandise surrounding the game.Active Kids are Healthy Kids.  We are starting our campaign by getting kids involved.

    Hantis combines the excitement elements of many popular mainstream sports into one collaboration.  An easy to learn, easy to pick up, exciting game. All that’s needed is 4 tables and one ball.  We’ve had kids from age 6 to age 60, from physically handicapped wheelchair bound to the best athletes on college campuses play and get excited about being physically active.

    Our Future Plans include: Designing an Action Pack for K-12 schools to easily incorporate Hantis into their P.E. Curriculum, establishing a National Collegiate Organization for helping students create their own Hantis Organizations on college campuses nationwide, establishing an International League for Professional Players around the world and gaining Sponsorships from local and corporate businesses worldwide.


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    www.Hantis.net - Promotional Site for spreading Hantis Awareness.

    www.HantisGear.com - Business of Selling Hantis Equipment and Promotional Gear.

    http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=13324914054&ref=ts - Hantis Facebook Group

    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cincinnati-OH/Hantis/168488092657?ref=ts - Hantis Facebook Business Page

    www.Twitter.com/hantisdotnet - Follow Us on Twitter!

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