Baseball May Return To Olympics In 2016

Richard MoyleContributor IAugust 14, 2008

After the Beijing games are over, baseball and softball will be placed on the International Olympic Committee's disabled list. Apparently the main reasons for this are the ineligibility of members of MLB's 40-man rosters, Major League Baseball's previously lax testing for performance-enhancing drugs and the one-sidedness of the softball competition.

However, MLB's president Bob DuPuy is already working on trying to get baseball back for the 2016 games. Wednesday, DuPuy told reporters, "We have people [in Beijing] who are meeting with IOC members during the Olympics. There will be a vote in the fall of 2009. Our effort is to be successful with that vote in getting [baseball] restored to the Olympics in 2016." Being a fan of baseball, I hope they are successful. Then again by that time there may be an epidemic of mesothelioma among baseball players because of the fact that a lot of baseball equipment is being made with carbon nanotubes, which is believed the have the same effects as asbestos exposure. But I guess they'll jump off that bridge when they come to it.

According to, baseball has a few reasons to be optimistic. The first being that Harvey Schiller, the new president of the International Baseball Federation has been active in these meetings trying to help them come to an agreement. The MLB is also hopeful that a combination of the quality this years tournament in the Olympics and rising interest in next spring's World Baseball Classic will help sway the IOC's decision in their favor.

All I have to say is that if Chicago gets picked to host the 2016 Olympics (which is a possibility) it would be an absolute disgrace to not have our national pastime not included.