Phillies Offense Down the Tubes?

insaneinthemembraneCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2008

As Phillies fans watch the offense the past few months, one question has to be going through their minds: "Where did the offensive firepower of the incredible Phillies offense go?" Well apparently all the hitters in the lineup are flat out inconsistent. The phillies have scored 20 runs in 2 games this year already, but that doesn't matter at all. We hear rumors that Utley could be hurt, and Rollins doesn't play hard enough, and Geoff Genkins is older than somebody's grandma, and Burrell needs to be traded because he's good for a few weeks and the rest of the year he hits below .200. With a foundation of an offense this inconsistent, how can a rational person believe the phillies will make a run to take over the East? They could do what the Rays are doing: rely on really good pitching in the bullpen and rotation, and get a few key hits here and there to be just good enough to win on a more consistent basis. It's a long season, so anything could happen.

In April, the Phillies were leading the league in errors committed, and the team with the most errors never makes the playoffs. Then the defense started to wake up and play better. It seems like the moment you think the Phillies will make a big run, they go on a big losing streak. It seems pathetic because the Mets have looked to be such an inconsistent team for a big part of the season, and the Mets definitely have a good chance to win the east, because of the Phillies inability to put together a good stretch. Baseball is a painful game to watch sometimes, and watching Ryan Howard break the all time single season strikeout record won't be fun.

The media is saying the Phillies should and may in fact trade Howard in the offseason, because a player of his physical build is likely to break down easily- that means Howard's best offensive production is behind him. He is a very good power hitter, but his lifetime batting average may end up being .210- that doesn't exactly mean hall of fame Mr. Howard. Who will play first base for the Phillies you ask, if Howard says goodbye to Philly? Well let's turn to Pat Gillick for that answer- he's an excellent GM and he should have all the answers- but wait, oh yeah that's right, Gillick is leaving after this season. Good luck finding a better GM fightin phils, it won't be easy. For now, gel as an offense, pitch better [work out a rotation that logical and feasible- hey can somebody haul Kris Benson's ass down to Philly?] and stop making Philly fans choke on their pretzels or hot dogs or cheese steaks of whatever disgusting foods people in philly are inventing that are intented to increase your cholesterol level so high, your internal organs will turn to sugar canes. [I was just at at phillies games and I'd say 50% of the crowd was over 350 pounds- start exercising people of Philly!- wow that was a random rant]