2010 Detroit Lions Fans. Ready For an All Out Revolt?

Ken HoehnContributor IOctober 2, 2010

Some fans have already bailed on the season.
Some fans have already bailed on the season.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Once again fans are calling for some-ones head on a platter.  Some want Scott Linehans. These fans want to know why CJ disappears for long periods of time during the game only to be called upon in desperation.  They point to conservative play calling that leads to far to many three and outs.But, let's face it, the last thing we need to do is start the coach/coordinator/scheme, merry-go-round on a young Matthew Stafford. We also must face the fact that with Hill at the controls this offense becomes a running, ball control, don't make a mistake, take care of the ball, let the defense win the game for ya unit.

And in case you haven't noticed this defense ain't there yet. I say yet because the Lions brass and coaches have built a very solid foundation along the D-line. I, for one, can invision a senario where, in a couple more drafts, our defence could be that dominant. The type  to carry a team while the starting QB is on the sidelines.

Some fans want to blame the owner. They rant about how WCF should be forced to sell the Lions. That he doesn't care about anything but making money.  Personally, I'm getting pretty tired of fans blaming a senior citizen for the Leo's woes. By all accounts he hurts as much as any fan when the Leo's loose. The simple fact is that Mr. Ford has never fumble a punt return. Nor has he thrown interceptions in the red zone. True he hired Matt Millen and stuck with him to long, but I seem to recall many saying that WCF had finally hired someone with real football "experience" in the beginning of that disaster. 

How'd that work out for yah, eh? Kinda like declaring the Titanic unsinkable.

Let's face it, would we really want a Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban type for an owner? Oh the horror.....Makes me shudder to even think about it. Let's face it there's only so many Mike Illiches to go around. And we're lucky to have him here in Detroit. Say what you will about WCF, but at least he won't move the team to another city in the middle of the night like some cowards, I mean owners, have. 

All these years of loosing have conditioned many fans to feel completely ambivalent to the success of this team. They simply won't believe it until they see it. Those fans got off of the bandwagon long ago and many have morphed into the haters we see on too many sites. We invest so much of ourselves in our beloved Leos. It hurts so much when they loose that we simply can't handle the pain.

There is, however, a silver lining in this massive black cloud. I know that this time, the light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be another train, led by a hobbled, grizzled old vet, whose best years maybe behind him. That we weren't even really in this game in the end. That makes it hurt even more, like salt in the wound. However, every great team has had to endure some growing pains. We won't rebound without talent on the roster. 

I think we can all agree that Mayhew and Schwartz have pointed this team in the right direction and let's face it did anyone expect the Lions to get to the Super Bowl this year? Yeah I know this is from the guy that said (repeatedly) that the Leo's could/would go 12-4.  That they would be 3-1 come Monday.  They point is this, right now is when we need an owner like William Clay Ford. He has proven to remain faithful to his GM in the past. This is definitely not the time change horses in mid-stream.

It reminds me of that joke. "I rode a horse. It broke it's leg, so I had to shoot it. It seemed like the normal thing to do, but the rest of the riders on the carousel kinda freaked out."

Let's not shoot any horses just yet, we have yet to even reach the middle of the stream.