Why the Olympics should keep baseball and softball in 2012

Danny DevineCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2008

Everyday for the next couple weeks you will be hearing about the Beijing, Olympics. The Olympics this year so far have been great to watch. Michael Phelps is doing his merman thing in the water. The Chinese gymnastics team won looking graceful and anorexic as hell.

If you watched that please tell how old you thought those girls were? (I was thinking 11 or 12).

There are many things that the Olympics take part in that doesn’t make any sense. There are some so called sports that are taking place that puzzle me. Everyone that likes baseball and softball knows that it is being canceled after these Olympics.

They can vote before the 2012 games to keep it, but no one knows if they will. Baseball and softball are huge sports in many countries. They take gifted people to play them. It takes many abilities to become a professional baseball or softball player.

For softball there are no major professional leagues here in America or around the world.  The Olympics are what many young girls and college softball look forward to growing up. Baseball has professional leagues in American (MLB), Japan, and other countries.

Imagine if there was no NFL and it was just an Olympic event. Those college players would be working out everyday and also bagging your groceries. Picture Tom Brady saying “paper or plastic?” (HAHA)

I am just saying look at some of these so called sports that are probably going to stay in the Olympics for many years to come.

·Table Tennis—aka Ping Pong—this is in no way possible a sport. You can play this in your house sucking down a Bud Light. This does take a good hand and eye, but that’s about it. You can go to most retirement homes around the country and see 80 year old men and women playing Ping pong. Tell me how that’s a sport in any fashion.

·Equestrian—This has nothing really to do with the humans on the horse. It just another way for someone to treat a horse like a piece of equipment and not like a pet that they should love. If the horse doesn’t want to jump, it’s not going to jump sorry trainers.

·Yachting—This I guess would be the Nascar of the water, but again what’s the real point. Why do you want to take a boat and go around and around pylons?  Fun stuff watching people fight the wind. I hope my TiVo records that event.

There are three so called sports or events that should be taken out of the Olympics before baseball and softball should.  There is many more reason that I have, but I don’t want to make this a novel. So next time your young son or daughter want you to get them a new baseball or softball bat or glove, just go to the store and get them a ping pong paddle instead.